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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Portrait of lion's mane jellyfish
Descending on a 65 meter (215 ft) dive on the Dufferin Wall in Tobermory, Canada
Ascent from a 65 meter (215 ft) dive on the Dufferin Wall in Tobermory, Canada
Diver on the wreck of The King at 30m (100ft) depth in Tobermory, Canada
The propeller of the City of Cleveland wreck at 8 meters depth just off Fitzwilliam Island near Tobermory, Canada
Sidemount diver on the wreck of the Niagara 2 at 30m depth in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, dived out of Tobermory, Canada.
Was able to photograph this Salmonid sp. in a local Marina.
sea nettle
This tiny Virile crayfish was spotted while diving in Lake Simcoe.
Diver glides between the pilings under old Swing Bridge.
Beneath the Train Bridge. The swing bridge above was used to allow vessels to pass on the Old Welland Canal.
Red Flabellina
Silhouette of one of two propellers on the Henry Daryaw, upside down in the St Lawrence River
Under the Daryaw- a wreck that is upside down in the St. Lawrence River
Underwater photographer in the Welland Canal
Red-Eye Medusa
Diver practicing S-drills with a giant pacific octopus
Lions mane jellyfish caught in the cold waters of the east coast of Canada at Ile Bonaventure, Québec, Canada.
First UW photo entry ever. Nudibranchs are my favorite macro subjects I found this guy drifting in the water column.
A Stellar Sea Lion decoded it wanted to play with my wife hood during a chilly dove in the early spring
A frequently seen fish in fresh waters, this Rock Bass was photographed in the Lower Niagara River on a night dive.
A juvenile bass in the Lower Niagara River.
Male Bluegill Sunfish clear an area of the bottom for a nest and attempt to coax a female to spawn with them.
Sidemount Diver practicing skills to enter wreck at the Welland scuba Park
Bear Mom and Her Cub
A diver observes a school of yellow perch at the Welland Scuba Park
A school of Yellow Perch and Sunfish surrounded me on a recent dive and I was able to capture this image of one of the largest perch in the school.
1084 Entries Found: Page 1  of  41

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