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Week 21 winner

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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sulu and Sulawesi Seas

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If only I had seen what this nudi was doing; I would have stayed a bit longer just to take some more pictures, alas I only saw the eggs when the picture was on the screen of my laptop.C5050 Lembeh.
Don't come any closer otherwise I jump... C5050
Kuiter`s Dragonet.Lembeh. D70, 60mm
Twin: Nikon D100 with 60 macro and two strobo, no TTL. Take in manado ,August 2006
Hawksbill taken in Bunaken. D70s,20mm
A Glosodoris rufomarginatus surrounded by eggs. Taken by Nikonos with 35mm lens and 1:3 extention tube and framer.
Hairy Frogfish on fluorescing corals.
D2x, 60mm
Have you ever seen a Trumpet Fish so close up? It was a lucky and speedy shot. Taken by Nikonos V with 1-2 extention tube and framer.
Hello, Nikon D100, 105 macro , two strobo. Siladen Island August 2006
This turtle was taken using Nikonos V with 15mm lens without flash. He was curious as I snorkel to take some photos.
Jumping in the night. Nikon D100 , 60 macro, two strobo. Manadotua Island. August 2006
A beautiful crab. Take in Manado Tua .
Nikon D 100 , 60 macro , two strobo
Anemon crab. NikonD100, 60 macro, Two strobo. Take in Manado tua ,,Bunaken 2006
Coral lobsters - interstingly enough, you'll notice one's a leftie and the other's a rightie! I wonder why?
The crab: Siladen 2006. Nikon D100 , 105 macro, two strobo

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Super sharp Marchione
Ceratosoma trilobatum - Thanks Brian!
Blue ring:Nikon D100 , 60 macro, two strobo. Siladen Island . August 2006
Crocodile head - smiler. Canon 300d
Banded sea serpent. Took a lot of effort to get round to the front of this snake and wait! Balsted thing kept changing its mind and direction. Patience definitely a plus when shooting snakes!
Morays - The one in the bottom right looks so dumb by comaprison to his fierce mate!
I'm so pretty! One-eyed flatwish, I wonder how the it lost the other one. Of course it could have been a very long wink!!
Beautypuss. This is the equivalent of the octopus sitting on its front porch. The bottle was its home. We waited but it wouldn't go back in although it came teasingly close
this taken from lembeh strait,
Praying xeno - cannon 300d. I think this one is saying - "please let this be the last photo today!"
Burrfish with eye sparkle.
D2x 60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A super portrait. Dig those alien eyes!
Giant Mantis eyes. Canon 300D. This mantis was clearing its burrow of coral rubble. My word it was huge!!

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Editor's Comment
Watch out, these guys eat cameras for breakfast!
coral crab. Lot of patience
3171 Entries Found: Page 113  of  118

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