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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sulu and Sulawesi Seas

3164 Entries Found: Page 111  of  118
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A distinctive 'wish you were here' postcard shot - very CFWA
Fire goby.Nikon D100 with 105 macro, two strobo
There be dragons here - dragonette
Holding hands - two nudis doin' the do! Lembeh Sept. 2006
peek a turtle munching on some soft coral,sipadan,malaysia.
underwater of jacks,sipadan,malaysia.
Double trouble - anenome fish in Lembeh....
The art of balancing.
Photo taken with Nikonos V 1:3 framer.
Catfish school - Bunaken Island
In the mood for love. Two nudis mating & laying eggs.
Do ya think I'm sexy ? Sexy shrimp, D70, 60mm, twin DS50s.
White crab on soft coral - Lembeh 2006 - D70, 60mm & twin DS50s
Taking it easy in Lembeh..... Orange frogfish resting.
1st go with a pygmy seahorse... treading on wellworn tracks but still pleased with this shot... Thanks Dave - Seaventures was great !! E900
batfish at sipadan,malaysia during an early morning dive.motormarine 11ex
During a night dive in the Bunaken Marine Park i met this cute squid witch, after the initial confusion, started to act as a fashion model posing diffrently each time i shot at her.
Lionfish portrait - Lembeh. D70, 105mm & twin DS50s.
Pygmy with shrimp. Zoom in you see a shrimp at side of the mouth. D70, 105mm.Kapalai, Sabah, Malaysia
Classic pygmy - what more can you say... D70, 105mm, twin DS50s.
ornate ghost pipefish. Muck dive infront Manado Mall
North sulawesi - Lembeh Straight.
Two Pigmy seahorses showing each other their back, probably just cought after an argument... :-)
Another Pygmy. D70,105mm. Lembeh Strait
a green turtle taking a break in sipadan.
Two saw-nosed shrimps - both with eggs - Lembeh 2006. D70, 60mm & twin DS50s
Light in the nigth. Nikon F 90x, macro 105 , two strobo in ttl
Taken by surprise! Coral goby looking a bit shocked in Lembeh! D70, 105mm & twin DS50s
Sun setting behind Manado Tua.Shot taken from Bunaken. D70s,20mm
3164 Entries Found: Page 111  of  118

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