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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Brunei Darussalam

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Nudibranch : Bornella Anguilla.
saw this lake while I was on a fishing trip . i was very intrigued seeing the beautiful water . photo were taken by canon g11 .
oil rig wreck of Brunei
Life on oil rig
my first UW model shot in Brunei Darussalam. She is a Bruneian buddy who is kind enough to be my model and she is so natural in front of camera. Her name is Faith!
Mirky waters if Brunei.
Frogfish on blue water wreck
Harlequin Crab coming up for a closer look.
Buddy pair at Blue Water wreck
Flabelina climb to the top and on shipwreck. Better view here.
Artificial reef made from decommissioned oil rig put in a 18m depth.
žralok lagunovy
Glow in the Dark!! by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
Glow in the Dark!!
Jelly Fish Plankton in Mid water about 10m. Single strobe Canon G12
Blue&white sawblade.
f8, 1/125.
This sawblade is at the size of a normal shrimp; which is not normal as their size is generally of a toothpick.
Yellow sawblade shrimp. Size of a toothpick.
Canon G11, Inon D2000 strobe, double Inon macro lens, f8.0, 1/125.
The Bornella! by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
The Bornella!
This image was rotate 180 degree. Looks like a sea pen cr... by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
This image was rotate 180 degree. Looks like a sea pen crab resting the edge of the sea pen.
The "U" ear i only had!!! by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
The "U" ear i only had!!!
Looking up at safety Stop. G12 FIX Housing with Fish eyes dome Inon Z240 Strobes
Something spooky down there...
G12 FIX housing, Single Inon Z240, Fisheye
Canon G12 FIX housing with Fisheye dome. Single Strobe Inon Z240 Taken off Cement Wrecks with viz 10m
Shadow of majestic charm
The "Faces"  

These are one of the Tunicad of the face... by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
The "Faces"
These are one of the Tunicad of the faces. There are many many different kind of faces and is only 5mm per tunicad. Also need to shot upside down :D
D.O.F..... by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
imperial surfing on Bornella by Paul Ng
by: Paul Ng
imperial surfing on Bornella
56 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3

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