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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Hong Kong

39 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2
This photo take in Hong Kong - basalt island , she walking top on the stone , is really good position
This photo take in Hong Kong
, Find him on the coral , keep move and running to other side , use 15 minute to take this
This is Kaloplocamus acutus , take this photo in hong kong,
March , 2023
Verconia hongkongiensis
Special nudi in Hong Kong
Underwater cosplay: Love live
Love live : Sonoda umi
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
Neon genesis Evangelion : Eva
Underwater Cosplay: Guilty Crown
I found this blenny on a shallow water, i was attracked by his funny face, try to getting a passport photo for him/her, i swam back and forth , he seemingly getting used to my camera for few seconds and got this shot finally.
Anemone Shrimp taken with Canon G16,Internal Flash under low Visibility @0.5m
snorkeling in Hong Kong
white Anenome taken at Sharp Island Sai Kung.
Lizard fish with its bounty. Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
marbled rockfish, scorpion fish, size: 2cm-3cm in length, 5m depth, lobster bay divesite.
nudibranch, size: 2cm, 5m depth at lobster bay divesite
sandperch, size 5cm, depth: 6m, at Port Island divesite
helmet crab at lobster bay 4m depth, size 5cm
Nudibranch, size: 2cm, 5m depth, Lobster bay divesite
Xeno Crab, Size: 2cm, 6m depth, Port Island, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Baby Prince
Common Seahorse, 12cm in length
marbled rockfish, scorpion fish
Clowns of Sai Kung.
"Sai Kung wonders"
A Small clown fish doing its thing.
Who said Hong Kong has nothing to see but old fridges?
Lion @ Sai Kung
Goby portrait.
Bobtail squid swim in mid-water during a night dive in Tung Ping Island, Hong Kong.
39 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2

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