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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Mediterranean Sea

3881 Entries Found: Page 131  of  144
Detail of one jellyfish (seawasp) Pelagia noctiluca. 105mmMicroNikkor and diopters disk of a valve +2.
A squid which laid eggs off the p29 wreck in cirkewwa, Malta.
It was attracted to the flash and came rushing to investigate - amazing experience.
An angler fish smiling away off the new p29 wreck in cirkewwa, Malta.
Xatt L'ahmar, Gozo, Malta
This is a tiny sea slug - I mean super macro, like one centimeter long!
Dejra, Gozo, Malta,
Xat l'ahmar, gozo, malta
One double exposure realized with Photoshop.
The emerald cove is found to Amalfi therefore called for the typical glares greens that you can admire in the photo.
Elisabetta Grotta dei Fantasmi - Alghero Sardinia
Camera Nikonos V - Flash Ikelite Substrobe 150
Moray eel on Maury Wreck off Valletta.
Since spear fishing has been banned and camera's installed at this wreck, the Moray population exploded.
A must visit when in Malta (if you like eels)!
I love to realize rich luminous atmospheres of glares. The occasion of a windsurf that it leave from the coast unconscious of what happens under the surface of the sea.
Canon EOS 1000F + 15mm fisheye.
Madonna del Vervece.olympus sp 350
Mediterranean Sea
Pantelleria Island
No Strobes
The Red Coral of Alghero Sardinia.
Olympus SP-350 with Olympus housing PT-030
The crystal clear waters of the Med
Elisabetta with lobster in the"Sea Bass Cave"
Alghero Sardinia Italy
Camera Nikonos lens 15mm - flash Ikelite Substrobe 150
Restaurant on the Zenobia
This beautifulst copy of Mediterranean Fish Crossbow, has been photographed in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula and just in waters close to the Island of the Currents in Sicily. The experts think that the presence of this species, alread...
Pinna Nobilis
Marine Life
Wide Angle
This jelly fish was taken in only 2 mtrs of water and just a lamp to light it up.
This big red Scopion fish was taken at Lantern Point on comino
Old submarine wreck RUBIS, OLYMPUS C8080
The main entrance of Nereo Cave, Capo Caccia, Sardinia.
Camera Nikonos V 15 mm
Foto Marco Busdraghi - Alghero Italy
THiis little guy was only about 3 cm . The picture was taken in a cave at Anchor Bay on Malta's west coast.
LE GREC alongside the propeller OLYMPUS C8080
Turtle and diver, startling school of fish.
Nikonos v , 15mm lens, single strobe.
i liked the surface reflection and the dappled sunlight
Mediterranean Sea
This shot was taken on the island of Gozo, at a dive site called Mgar ix ixni.
3881 Entries Found: Page 131  of  144

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