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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Mediterranean Sea

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Capo Mortola - Balzi Rossi Canon Digital Ixus 700 + WP-DC70
R. Smg. Scire, WW2 Italian Uboat lies at 34 meters in the bay of Haifa.
sun rays
Capo Mortola - Balzi Rossi Canon Digital Ixus 700 + WP-DC70
Capo Mortola - Balzi Rossi
Canon Digital Ixus 700 + WP-DC70
Capo Mortola - Balzi Rossi
Canon Digital Ixus 700 + WP-DC70
Capo Mortola - Liguria - Balzi Rossi
my favourite sea horse from the blue hole in Gozo
This was taking while Diving from Cala Bona in Mallorca/Majorca. During a deco stop in 6m I noticed the Jellyfish, with nothing else to obscure the view it looked like the perfect shot. I used an olympus C3030z.
My at a mini shipwreck....'the marianet' at 31 and my buddy found this one after it sunk 39 years is a small 4.5 meter wreck but the locals loved the fact that i found her again....Sony DCS F-717
Spooky.......what do you think it is??? I took this image in Vela luka, Corcula, Croatie at 22 meters....I love the spooky look. Sont DSC F-717 plus Ikelite housing and d-50 substrobe.
While on inland water bodies exploration with IDx a scooter’s skeleton taken in a flooded query turned lake and situated in the northern Jordan River region.
This jelly-fish was not alone......a blue filter and strong flash gave this cool effect. DSC F7-71 with Ikelite housing.
Nudi Ball. Sony DSC F-717 with Ikelite Housing.
Pearl in the sea (Vele luca, Corcula). Sony DSC F-717 with Ikelite housing and DS-50 substrobe.
What a beauty.
Sony DSC F-717 with Ikelite housing.
Big Nudibranche.
Sony DSC F-717 with Ikelite housing.
R.Smg. Scire WWII Italian sub

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I thought it was a motorcycle at first. How the sea tames man-made objects...
A brace of Mullus Surmuletus
40 cm of beauty....fireworm at 24 meter.
Right place at the right time.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We love Nudi's
John Dorry out of the blue.
Watching eye To Eye
A small male cuttlefish shows his livery to female in a night dive. Nikon D50
Dardanus Arrosor with Calliactis Parasitica taken during a night dive in Bagnara Calabra, Italy
3876 Entries Found: Page 141  of  144

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