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by Marivic Maramot

Elegant nudibranch, Olympus Pen Epl1

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Philippines

11278 Entries Found: Page 411  of  418
pink anemone fish taken in anilao,philippines
clown anemone fish in anilao,philippines
feather star in anilao,philippines
porcupine fish at anilao,philippines
If shrimps had passports.. this is what their passport photo would look like... 3xmacros on e900
the name this fish in italian is "verme piatto " in english hay dond not
"George" our resident flambouyant cuttlefish in Dive Solana, anilao with a gobi in his mouth. (If you can zoom the picture, look closely at his arms there you can see the fins of the goby that he ate)

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Now here's a good use of perspective. Using a fisheye close up
It's Friday !! How about a manicure from a teeny weeny shrimp ? He was living on a bright yellow tube worm you can see in the background. About 7mm long. Cute.
My 100th post !! Wow, time flies.. this is my all-time favourite... a tiny juvenile cuttlefish pretending to be a coral polyp. E900.
Mating Mandarins in Malapascua ! 6 dives and 6 hours waiting, finally got a shot !!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Get a room!
Tiny eeny shrimp flying about on an anenome... about 5mm long.... (tasted like a prawn:)
While I was trying to get a shot of the little yellow and black stripey thing, the two cuttles just barged in to the frame... cuttlefish etiquette ain't what it used to be...
'CLOSE ENCOUNTER' Late evening and headed for the surface with 2 shots remaining on the roll... and this. Housed Nikon F; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
The Smiling Slug - This little guy wouldn't stop smiling at the camera... zoom in.. have a look... you're in for a treat smile
Jacks, Bohol, Philippines. Taken with A95.
Ths flambouyant cuttlefish was taken infront of Dive Solana, anilao, batangas, Philippines in 10meters of water.
Manta and Starfish combo...
My favourite nudi shot from the last trip... night dive in Malapascua. e900 and 2xmacros
Cuttlefish freeswimming in the Philippine Sea... Malapascua Island... E900
Cuttle fish, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Taken with Canon A95
Banded sea snake, Apo Island, Philippines. Taken with Canon A95
Puerto Galera.
Bewildered looking stonefish raising an eyebrow ... Fuji E900 and all the trimmings..
Thorny Seahorse, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Taken with Canon A95 on macro
Here's something you don't see every day... this frogfish tried to swallow a stonefish that was bigger that it. Both were dead !!! How macabre...
Frog Fish, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Taken at night with flash, Canon A95
11278 Entries Found: Page 411  of  418

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