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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2909 Entries Found: Page 14  of  108
Sea-anemone in False Bay, Cape Peninsula
The Feast
Arthropods gathering at the outlet of blue choirboys to feast on its waste products
Reaching Out
Starfish reaching out to amphipods
Reflection of the diver in the eye of an octopus
Hunchback Amphipods
Hunchback Amphipod and friend
A touch of Blue
The Blue Spotted Klipfish
The siphon of a giant sea clam
The Robust Roman
The Deep Blue Sea
The yellow variant of a feather duster worm
Turret sponges
The Sumo Crab- the armoured warrior of the reef
The cold blue eyes of a sumo crab. An armoured warrior of the reef
Patterns of a Sinuous Sea Fan
Playful Cape Seal
Voracious Appetite
The rare walking sea-anemone has left only the skeleton of a multicolored sea fan
Mating ritual of 2 different colored gas flame nudibranchs
A different world
Circle of Love
Two nudibranchs in a mating ritual
Basket Star Feeding
It takes two to tango
Blue and Yellow gas flame nudibranchs in a mating ritual
The Gatekeepers of Gullies
The sandy anemone with its typical spots and range of colors.They are equipped to strongly adhere to rocks and to withstand wave actions.
Candy-striped sea anemone,False bay, South Africa
South African anemone, Camps bay, Western Cape.
Yellow Gasflame Nudibranch
2909 Entries Found: Page 14  of  108

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