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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Malta

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The tug boat "Rozi"
Sits in 36metres off Cirkewwa reef
Olympus C5000z
ISO 160
F4.8 1/30
The wreck of the Faroud off of Zurrieq.
Depth 36 metres
Olympus C5000z
ISO 160
P29 Patrol boat in 36metres
Taken with an Olympus 5000z
F2.8 1/125 ISO 160
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2010

Final RoundThrough to 2010 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I like the way that this wreck appears out of the gloom - a familiar feeling of anticipation for all wreck divers
Bluefin Tuna schooling inside a fish farm off the Island of Malta.
Bluefin Tuna
Jellyfish off the island og Gozo, near Malta. 10-17mm lens, natural light shot with 'magic' red filter.
Schooling Tuna. 10-17mm wide angle lens with twin strobes.
Bluefin Tuna
A big Bluefin Tuna.
Diving the Blue Hole in Gozo, Malta... Que du bonheur... :O)...
My wife discouvering the "Farud" Wreck in the waters of Malta Island. Que du bonheur... :O)....
Schooling Bluefin Tuna at a Tuna farm near St Paul's Bay off the island of Malta.
Diving the Inland Sea - in Gozo Malta... Que du bonheur... :O)...
Natural light shot swimming through a narrow channel near the azure window off the island of Gozo, near Malta.
Octopus shooté à Gozo
Diving the "Farud" - Malta Island... Que du Bonheur... :O)...
Une murène sortant de son trou...
Natural light shot (with magic red filter) of 'fried egg' jellyfish off the isalnd of Gozo near Malta.
Relaxing on a safety stop below the azure window just off the island of Gozo near malta. Natural light shot with magic red filter.
la danse du ver-de-feu.
Wreck of a WWII Bristol Beaufighter at 40 metres off the coast of Malta. It crashed on an operational mission in 1941 and is remarkably well preserved, with wings, fuselage, engines, propellors, nose cannon and undercarriage all intact.
Poulpe shooté à Gozo
A captured 450kg Bluefin. Although very saddened by the plight of these gentle giants, profits from diving with them allows some to be released back to the wild. I had mixed emotions about this rare chance to dive with such magnificent fish.
Fried Egg Jellyfish framed against the Azure Window off the island of Gozo, near Malta. Natural light shot with red magic filter.
Under my prow, hundered miles away from Malteze coast...
Epave dans le port de Malte
Bernard l'Ermite shooté à Gozo
497 Entries Found: Page 10  of  19

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