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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Tonga

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Amazing encounter with Humpback Whale in Tonga
Humpback whale/Vava'u Tonga
Portrait of humpback whale/Humpback whale/Vava'u Tonga
Sunny baby/Humpback whale/Vava'u Tonga
Mother and calf/Humpback whale/Vava'u Tonga
Big Fin & Small Fin/ VAVA'U, Tonga.
Big tail and small tail/ Humpback whale/Vava'u Tonga
We arrived just in time to capture the beautiful light shafts filtering into the cave from the afternoon sun.
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Awesome composition of the freediver with the sun rays. Excellent photo.
Family fun time...... nikon d7100 nauticam housing.Tokina 10-17mm @10mm
Breath of Fresh Air
SonyRX100m2 Natural Light
Silent Blue
An emotional bond between mother and calf.
A baby Humpback smiles on the back of it's mum.
Lonely coral bush with its inhabitants in murky bay
mother and calf humpback whale coming up for air taken with Olympus e -520 DSLR No strobes, 9-18mm W/Angle lens Athena Dome port f12 1/160th
Shallows of Vava'u, Tonga
Young freediver descending
Playing with the blue sea star
Coral gardens of the Kingdom of Tonga
Young freediver approaches a coral rock
Lion fish 'chief' under resort's wharf
There is nothing more humbling than being approached by such a magnificent creature on it's own turfs and terms. This humpback calf swam with us for a few minutes before disappearing with a few flicks of it's tail.
Lego diver prepares Playmobil diver for deep descent.
Magic number - A mother Humpback, her new born calf and an escorting male turn in unison approaching the lens. A heart pounding moment on a day when the curiosity of these whales was exposed with great natural light and superb visibility. Ha'apai.
1 second to impact with a 4 tonne baby Humpback Whale. Ouch!
Mother and calf pair taken in vava'u, Tonga - this timid calf kept away from us but was in constant touch of mum and the obvious affection displayed was wonderful to see.
Banded coral shrimp taken while snorkelling using a compact canon D10 while inside one of the blow holes in Tonga - was a relatively calm day otherwise it would have been a bit too rough!
103 Entries Found: Page 2  of  4

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