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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Timor Sea

28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2
Detail of starfish
Pink Eye
Shaun the Sheep
Squat Crab
Paddle Flap Rhinopia looked purple, but is magenta under the strobes
Lauriea Siagiani in Raja Ampat
Saltwater crocodile. Adelaide River. Not really a dive site. You shouldn't even put your hand in the water.
Color-burst. Taken with a very narrow (f45) in murky water
she is very shy and difficult... it took me more than 10 minutes standing still to make her to understand that I was not a predator... her mate is as shy as she..
Raja ampat
Raja ampat
Silent Blue
Flathead Closeup.
pura island, Alor Archipelago. just lucky...
she like to move fast, i had to spend quite a lot of time and many shot to be able to get 1 OK picture.
the fishes are so busy eating the eggs that you can touch them with the dome .
"Pale Face" Wobbegong
Komodo Island - Dive Site: The Aquarium
Tulamben Wall, Bali
crab havin dinner
clowning around
nudi crawling along a giant clam
Very small, about 1 cm, and rare shrimp Stegopontonia commensalis found in the middle of the thorns of a sea urchin in Alor Island
Goby, sponge and lices at horse shoe Bay Komodo islands
lucinda, molly, ocean, sunset
28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2

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