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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bohol Sea

759 Entries Found: Page 25  of  29
Yellow thorny seahorse, Hippocampus histrix. Picture taken under the Pier in Dauin, Negros.
El Dorado House Reef, Dauin, Negros Oriental
Masters of camouflage! Hoplophrys oatesii. Picture taken at Balicasag island.
Dauin,Negros Oriental
Golden wentel trap, Epitonium billeeanum. Balicasag Island.
THE Face...
"Dancing in the Waves"
Ardeadoris egretta. Moalboal.
I'm shy...
Yellow thorny seahorse, Hipppocampus histrix.
Picture taken under the pier in Dauin, Philippines.
NUDI/El Dorado House Reef,Dauin,Negros Oriental
SEAHORSE/Dauin,Negros Oriental
Inside a wooden wreck.
PARTING SHOT/My last image in my latest trip to Dauin - its like saving the best for last. Well,definitely one of my personal favorite during that trip...
FACIAL CRITTERS/DuCoMi Pier,Dauin,Negros Oriental
NUDI/House reef, El Dorado Resort,Dauin,Negros Oriental...I dont own a strobe yet,but got help from my buddy - see the light from the flashlight?Thanks LITO, a very friendly and excellent DM from Dive Society...
MASKED/DuCoMi Pier,Dauin,Negros Oriental...Negros is the home of the famous Maskara Festival celebrated every October in Bacolod,what a fitting image....
Hairy Squat Lobster
UP CLOSE/DuCoMi Pier,Dauin,Negros Oriental
FRAMED/DuCoMi Pier,Dauin,Negros Oriental
PEEPING NUDI/A naughty one from Dauin...
759 Entries Found: Page 25  of  29

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