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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Norway

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Facelina bostoniensis
Uller WW2 Wreck in Sognefjord, Norway. Taken on 50m depth.
WW2 wreck Aquila taken on 50m depht in the Midt-Gulen fjord.
Starfish larva swimming
German WW2 Wreck Jan Hubert, it is 55 meter long and the picture is shot on 50 meter depht.
Iphimedia obesa. An amphipod living among soft corals. Size: 8-12 mm
An amphipod landing on a goby...
Title: "Ruby", Name of species: Flabellina lineata. From Oslo fjord.
Ilse Fritzen WW2 Wreck in Strongfjord, Norway.
It is a sea mine that the ship was transporting, it is laying on 60meter
Title: "Hydroid with its pray" Name of species: Tubularia indivisa. A hydroid feeding on a fish.
Title: "Going up" Iphimedia obesa is a tiny amphipod living among soft corals.
Title: " Shining under the strobe" Name of critter: Iphimedia obesa. An amphipod living among soft corals. Size between 8 and 12 mm.
Ready for the hunt
It's hard to explain what it does to you to have encounters like this, eye to eye, two souls, one heartbeat. In the ice cold waters of the bay of Virgohamna, we had some time with the little colony of harbour seal far up North 79° 43′ 24″.
And then there was you...
Portrait of an Orca in the chilly waters of Kaldfjord Norway
This young male bear attempts to hunt for his first season on the ice. He had seen it done by his mother and she was still around from a distance.
Polar bear sleeping in Svalbard
Oldenburg WW2 wreck. picturer is taken on depth 65 meter
Playfull young orca
Photo is taken on 80 meters in Norway, the wreck is WW2 Inger Seks
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2016

Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
Pods of Orcas chasing herrings in the fjords of Norway
Fins up
Walrus in Svalbard
Batnfjord Night Dive Octopus
Santa Klaus shrimp ?
Jellyfish. Kongsfjord, Arctic Norway.
574 Entries Found: Page 6  of  22

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