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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Mozambique Channel

506 Entries Found: Page 1  of  19
Follow the leader
Santa Maria wreck
The unusual appearance of a sea hare
Finding a treasure on the beach
Polka-dot Beauty
Polka-dot chromodorid on an artificial reef consisting of a rusty Landrover in the Pomene estuary
Camel seahorse hiding in seagrass of Pomene lagoon
The angling Frogfish
Blackspotted pufferfish chilling in a coral conformation. The is very simple, wide angle taken with an action cam. Mozambique Channel, Madagascar!
The one with brains is a female shrimp
Blow your trumpet for the trumpet fish
World Heritage Site
Abundant sea life of Sven mile Reef, Sodwana Bay, South Africa
Loggerhead turtle in its resting place
The Manicure
Durban Dancers cleaner shrimps at work
Look at my amazing coloured coat
The Cleaning Station
Deceptive Friendliness of a Geometric Moray
The Hideaway
A hawksbill turtle ascends to the surface for a fresh breath of air.
Fiercely protecting its home
Sad Face
Almost human like
Brightly colored frogfish
Thorny Destructor
Winged Soldier
Strength in Unity
The Hunter and the Hunted
Tomato Rock Cod hunting small fish. It is also known to participate in cooperative hunting
506 Entries Found: Page 1  of  19

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