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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Balearic Sea

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Maybe this Scorpionfish wanted to bulldoze his front yard smile smile smile
Somebody was hiding in the seagrass. Anyway... I found him. smile
Just a black hole. smile
After Tramontana ( strong wind from north ) to much reflections to use the strobe. But natural light makes the jelly ( pelagia noctiluca ) not ugly. smile
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
classic sun behind the jelly shot Roland
This ctenophore I've seen today at the north coast from Menorca. Very nice dive.
Looks a little bit like Walt Disney's "Pete's Dragon". But it's just a small Flabellina ( Flabellina affinis ) trying to do the first lesson freeclimbing. smile
"the entrance"
At the entrance of the cave moon pool on the north coast of Menorca. A "must" for all divers with experience. If they visit Menorca. smile
Mermaids dream...
the wreck of the "Santa" not far from the coast from the island Menorca. Lot of current and 28 min. decompression stop ( depth 47m ). Anyway... a very nice dive.
Squid take his food in the night. You just can see the tail fin of this small fish
just a flying Octopus ( lat. Octopus vulgaris )
Detail from a bell of Pelagia noctiluca ( Luminescent jellyfish ).
Cratena peregrina. My favorite Nudi in the Mediterranean.
Jellyfish Lake? No, just Mediterranean Sea after Tramontana ( strong wind from the north ). There sometimes a lot of pelagic life very close to the coast.
Flabbelina from Outherspace
Looks like " GANDALF THE WHITE " ;-)
" eyecatcher "
Dark sky...
Tentacles of a luminescent jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca )
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2010
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice abstract Roland
Sunset at Alcudia, Spain.
Sitting on the beach...
Paradise found...
Amazing bay on Mallorca, Spain.
"Jane" with here new equipment. I really like the red mask. You 2?
Hypselodoris Picta, Hangin Out!
Almost touching the dome as he preens in front of the mirror.
Should be in Nudibranch category but its not Macro, D300, Sigma 10mm
"Pretty in pink" ( Flabellina affinis )
White Flabellina ( Cratena peregrina )
291 Entries Found: Page 9  of  11

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