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by Didier Pasquini

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bismarck Sea

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Periclimenes imperator shrimp on swimming Spanish Dancer nudibranch shot on night dive from Febrina, PNG.
We found this frogfish whilst doing some exploratory dives on our family's land, north of Madang. It posed happily for my 105mm
My beloved Lucy, a Gorgonian fan, someplace in beautiful PNG.....
Japanese WWII wreck & our dive guide, Madang Province PNG. Nikon D-70, 10.5mm fisheye, twin strobes
The elusive Hairy Ghost Pipefish! On an un-named exploratory reef, Milne Bay Province PNG. Nikonos 5 with 1:1 macro framer & extension tube. Twin Ys 120 stobes.
Harlequin Ghost Pipefish. Dinah's beach, Milne Bay PNG. D-70, Aquatica Housing, 60mm lens, twin strobes.
Pygmy Seahorse- Hippocampus Denise?
to all the nikki & benny fans - have a nice time - cheers - old ma
Juvenile Harlequin Ghost Pipe Fish.Nikon D300,60 mm lense,1 SB 105 and an Ikelite 160 strobe.
"Head to head" A Grey Reef Shark and a Spanish Mackeral
In the Kavieng harbour at the evening we saw a lot of mandarin fish!
Squat Lobster at the base of a Chrynoid.Used Nikon D70s,60 mm micro lense and SB 105 strobe
A Mobula Ray near Albatros Passage
A Young Spine Cheek Anemone Fish in a Bubble Anemone Used Nikon D70s,60 mm Micro lense and SB 105 Strobe.
The Apel,a Malasian Logging company's tug boat that got caught on a wall at 60 meters.I'm not sure if its still there! Used Nikon D70s with 10.5 mm Fisheye lense and Ikelite 400 Strobe.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Those deep wrecks do have a great feel
Squat Lobster at the base of a Chrinoid. Taken with a Nikon D70s,60mm Micro Lense and SB105 strobe
harlequin pair
egg man
crousing the sepic river in a doughout...
Orangutang Crab?
lion taken with nikononRS
the african queen in the bismarck sea ?? how come ??
Dragonet with beautiful fins
Freckled Hawkfish
Diver at Peter's Patch
Orange Hippocampus Denise
315 Entries Found: Page 9  of  12

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