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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Croatia

1052 Entries Found: Page 32  of  39
Nikon D80,60mm, subal housing
Nikon D80,60mm, Subal Housing.
2 nudis,....... :-)
Nikon D80, 60mm
Nikon d80, 60mm
Feather star (antedon mediterranea) on a sponge. Using a colur filter, manual settings and internal strobe at cca 30m depth. No software manipulation at all.
Nikon d80, 17mm, subal housing
Nikon D80, Subal Housing, 17mm lens
Nikon D80, 18-70mm lens 70mm.
Octopus eye, 60mm
Can you see it? Macro 60mm, Nikon D80, Subal Housing
Nikon D80, 60mm
La Sireneta ...(my little cousin Tea enjoyed the Sea)
Nikon D80, 60mm, Subal Housing
Nikon D80, 60mm, Subal Housing, Subtronic Flash
Nikon D80, 60mm lens
nikon d80, 60mm macro, subal housing, subtronic flash
Nikon D80, Subal Housing, 60mm macro, Subtronic Flash
nikon d80, 60mm, subal housing, subtronic flash
check the head, there is a small shrimp! and check its back! there is a parasit.
Nikon D80, 60mm, Subal Housing, Subtronic Flash
red scorpaena porcus// 1/125s, f/4,5, Oly C5060WZ, macro filter // Krk, May 2008
Nikon D80, 60mm Macro, Subal Housing, Subtroniuc Flash.
Janolus cristatus, very rare slug, 3cm // f6,3, 1/100s // May,08 / Island Plavnik , Croatia
Photo is taken in croatia with Nikon D80, Subal Housing and a 60mm Macro lens.
Tompot blenny - Parablennius gattorugine, EOS 350D, EF-S 60mm
Nikon D80, 60mm Nikon Micro, Subal Housing , Subtronic Flash
Nikon D80, Subal Housing, 60mm Nikon Micro lens.
Hermit crab, EOS 350D, EF 28-80mm, Ewa-marine U-AXP
1052 Entries Found: Page 32  of  39

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