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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tasman Sea

821 Entries Found: Page 11  of  31
Running away... Tokina 10-17 (1.4x ring at the back) @10mm (14mm) YS250pro with snoot
very tiny nudi. I had to use the 105micro in combination with the 1.4 multiplier on a cropped sensor...
Polycera capensis, Nelson Bay
Just a portrait of a proud papa`... Nikon D300s +105/2.8 micro twin YS250pro 1/60 f36 ISO100
cardinal fish with eggs
The "best" flower of the bunch... pretty unusual to see a scorpionfish hiding in the octocoral
We get some crazy storms on the South Coast, NSW. They move so fast you've got to be on the ball to catch them. This one was just before dark and was all over in minutes!
This little shrimp (hiding in a sea-pen) was pictured using a 105/2.8 micro + 1.4 kenko teleconverter and a +10macromate wet diopter. the use of the diopter allowed me to stay more distant and not to scare it off
Dorisprismatica sp, Bare Island.
2 generation of sea-horse in one shot... enjoy :-)
Seahorse and snail. Chowder Bay, Sydney Harbour
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging water just broke!!!
3rd place Monthly HotShots

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
One of my favorites of the month.
Pteraeolidia ianthina w/- eggs, Bare Island
almost too big for my 105micro
Southern pigmy squid (~7mm in length) I used a 105micro + kenko 1.4x and a wet 10+ diopter to achieve the shot. my setup can achieve a magnification of ~6 times the life size
Lunacy.....! Moon Jellyfish - Aurelia aurita. New Zealand, Poor Knights. G10-250-f5.6-iso100-Internal Flash
Pigmy wobbegong shark eye wide open... taken using a 105micro+1.4x teleconverter and 2X macromate. it was a very tiny specimen
"The golden beauty of the shark-net"
"pretty full mouth..." I guess that the waiting was almost over for this happy dad...
creative experiment with a friendly weedy sea-draqon. Shot during a population survey...
Fiddler ray eye close-up
A weedy seadragon. Endemic to the southern coastlines of Australia and truly beautiful to see and photograph.
Peeling back the liquid layers... I wish I had gills
A "turtibranch" - cross between a turtle and a nudibranch""
Beautiful alien out and about at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay
'pompom' nudis that I've never seen before, creating more little "pompoms" so everyone may see more in the future!
821 Entries Found: Page 11  of  31

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