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by Marivic Maramot

Elegant nudibranch, Olympus Pen Epl1

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

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Taken in Cozumel.
Underwater Sunset / We were coming up really late on an afternoon dive and I noticed the sun setting from underwater. A high shutter speed helped me catch the rays =)
Sponge Zoanthids, Parazoanthus parasiticus taken at Doc's Retreat, Roatan in January 2006. Nikonos-V with 35mm and 2:1 extension tube. Diffusers on.
Where did my friend go???
Jawfish portrait. T&C
This iguana sits in the tree above where we keep our dive boat. I regard him as our guard iguana!
Parrot fish. D2x 60mm
I was able to get a nice shot of the feather duster just before he retracted.
The view of the islands from far above....
A lesser devil ray (Mobula hypostoma) coming in over the wall. South Water Cay Marine Reserve. These are similar to the larger manata rays but grow to only 4-5ft and often appear in small groups.
The turtles are starting to get horny and here is a female checking me out to see if I am a suitable mate!! The South Water Cay Marine Reserve in Southern Belize.
This photo is of Scott's Head Point in DOminica. It is a little peninsula that juts out and divides the Atlantic Ocean on the rght from the Caribbean Sea on the left.
just went to the wreck
divers getting back on the boat at las aves
Picture actually taken in Curacao. They make iguana soup and ewwwww.....
Belize's newest wreck, we found a small cargo carrying boat wrecked on the reef today. This was taken inside the hold.
A damsel with its typical atitude, the "terrier" of the sea. S2Pro with 60mm lens.
Coral Frame - This shy queen angelfish insisted on using the light-colored coral of "Alice-in-Wonderland" Reef, Bonaire as a picture frame. I obliged.
French Connection - Armed with a 105mm macro lens and 50 ISO film, I made the best of the situation when this French Angelfish decided to join me on my dive.
Hawksbill Turtle cruising the reef, Bonaire.
Rock Beauty - Bonaire, N.A. 35mm angle
This is a close up of a yellow headed Jawfish that was cleaning during a shark feed in the Bahamas
I was trying to shoot the eel when this mimic cardinalfish drifted into the frame. I focused on him instead and tried to make the eel a nice background.
Curious Ballonfish found on a night dive in Cozumel. Taken with a Canon 20D, Ikelite Housing & Strobe
Squids, Something Special Reef, Bonaire
This came off the wreck Halliburton in Roatan. I thought it a cute way to frame my beanie wearing dive buddy...
14593 Entries Found: Page 531  of  541

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