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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (African coastal)

1428 Entries Found: Page 51  of  53
a beautiful graceful great white shark
Sea horse
Red-lipped blenny.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A cheeky mugshot Miguel
Red eyed trumpet
School of white trevallies.
The Lanzarote seabed is full of surprises! Can anyone tell the worms official name?
a humbling moment for an underwater hunter ( a Southern Right whale meets spearfisherman)
Face to face.
Dark 2
Dark 1
Pico Pato or Bogavante eel, similar to a moray eel, although golden coloured. Harmless, but threatening.
Turtle posing in the Canary Island underwater paradise.
Into my shelter
a fearless (or insensitive) silver nudibranch that I spotted moving on top of the spines of a sea urchin
Green turtle.
Another nice beastie from my Lanzarote trip
HARDCORE............!!! Three years ago I was lucky to see an octopuses mating. In this picture you can see the sperm floating in front of them.
kelp stalks attaching to a colourful reef, False Bay, Cape Town
Kiss me.....please!
(I used a mirror to take this photo.It was a funny dive.)
Orange World
Golden eye
Little red friend
Ronnie inter the deep, also in memorial of him, as a friend, who die on a dive.... R.I.P
Pearly razorfish.
1428 Entries Found: Page 51  of  53

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