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by Jeffrey Lim

Amphipods on a coral flower

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Sofia Tenggrono (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

14635 Entries Found: Page 10  of  543
Bullshark season 2021
Reflections of life ..
When you are your own enemy
Yellow Longlure frogfish
Juvenile octopus
Bonfire Aguadilla Puerto Rico
tiger grouper in a cleaning station. nikon D800, nikon lens 105mm, two ikelite subtrobe DS125, aquatica housing.
red mangrobe,canon 60D, tokina 10-17mm at 10mm, two ikelite subtrobe DS125, seacam housing.
caribean reef shark chaising school of 60D,TOKINA LENS .10-17mm at 10mm,seacam housing, two ikelite subtrobe DS125.
nassau grouper, and silverside fish in the back ground, canon 60D,tokina lens 10-17mm at 10mm, two ikelite subtrobe DS125, seacam housing
bull shak, canon 5D mark 3, tokina lens 10-17mm at 15mm, two ikelite subtrobe Ds 125 , seacam housing.
american cocodrilo, canon 60d , tokina lens 10-17mm at 10mm, two ikelite subtrobe Ds126, housing sea cam.
Octopus larva stage
Bonfire diving
Aguadilla Puerto Rico
(taken under permit)
caribean reef shark,Nikon D800E,tokina lens 10-17mm at 15mm, two ikelite subtrobe DS125, aquatica housing.
crismast tree, panasonic lumix Gh4 ,olympus 60mm macro lens.two strobe sea & sea D1.Nauticam Housing.
the watchers (taken under permit)
Play time (taken under permit)
Small Crab Megalopa larva
Nikon D7200
Sea&Sea YS-D2, Z330
Tamron 60mm
Bonfire Aguadilla Puerto Rico
caribean reef shark, gardens of the queen,cuba
silky shark,gardens of the queen, cuba.
Smiling face looking up from a hidey hole
taken under government permit
elkor coral,cuba , queen gardens, nikon 800E, tokina lens 10-17mm at 15mm. aquatica housing, two ikelite subtrobe DS125
Juvenile Octopus
Aguadilla Puerto Rico
black groupers in a territorial D800E, tokina 10-17mm lens at 15mm, two ikelite subtrobe DS125, aquatica housing
pederson shirmp on anemone, is a cleaning station. canon 60D, canon 60mm macro, two subtrobe ikelite ds125, housing sea cam
3 meter high pilar coral, Gardens of the queen, cuba, nikon D800E,tokina lens 10-17mm at 15mm,two ikelite subtrobe Ds125, aquatica housing
Floating in space
Mantis Shrimp Larvae stage
Bonfire Aguadilla Puerto Rico
nudibranchia, canon 60D,canon 60mm, two ikeite subtrobe DS125, seacam housing
14635 Entries Found: Page 10  of  543

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