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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Molucca Sea

1233 Entries Found: Page 41  of  46
Porcelain crab.
Lembeh Straits.
Veined octopus. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Lion fish on KBR pier leg. D200, 60mm.
Phyllodesmium briareum. Lembeh straits.. D200, 60mm.
Nudi on a sea star. Lembeh Streit.
Orange mantis shrimp. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Nudibranch, Lembeh
Crab on a sea urchin. Lembeh Streit.
Manila pufferfish. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Longhorn cowfish. Lembeh Streit.
Mooring line, Lembeh
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
The flamboyant cuttlefish. Lembeh Streit.
Pink Frog fish. Lembeh straits..
Scorpion fish on sponge. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Weedy scorpionfish. Lembeh Streit.
Lion fish. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Harlequin shrimp. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Shrimp on a sea star. Lembeh Streit.
Chromodoris willani. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Frogfish ( Antennarius Commersonii)
Lenbeth straight, Indonesia.
Sony T1 camera
Nudibranch, Lembeh
"Passenger" for a sea urchin. Lembeh Streit.
Fingered Dragonet. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
Another "passenger" for a sea cocumber. Lembeh Streit.
Passenger for a nudi. Lembeh Streit.
Frogfish, Lembeh
Home sweet home.. Lembeh straits. D200, 60mm.
1233 Entries Found: Page 41  of  46

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