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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The South China Sea

4039 Entries Found: Page 141  of  150
Don't disturb me bro..!! Taken with Canon S80
Wreck off Tioman Island; D70s 12-24mm; sea and sea housing
My I'm comin..taken with Canon S80
Sex Underwater! Taken With Canon S80 In Tenggol Island.
Scary mate's.....taken in Redang Island Malaysia..using CanonA650 without strobe..
My second encounter with this little creature but unlike the first time I had my camera with me D200/105
On The Look Out! Taken In Redang With Canon S80.
Eel morning tooth S80
Close of a rabit fish D200/105
Please tell me your name? Are you a reticulated chromodoris or a marbled chromodoris D200/105
Guest what..?? Taken in Terengganu,Malaysia Island using my honey Canon S80
Jellyfish in Anambas, Indonesia
let's rock..taken with Canon S80 in Island in Malaysia.
Sunset in Paradise...taken with Canon S80
Nemo again free posing..look at the smile!!! taken in Pernebtian Island Malaysia with Canon S80
Sunlight..pic taken yesterday in Perhentian Island Malaysia with Canon S80
I always told myself that one day I'll get a picture of those razor fish on a nice black background; I got the fish alright! Not the background though 350D/105
Whip Coral..taken in Tenggol Island,Malaysia with Canon S80.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Interesting study Zafarol
Did you see my budy? Yes he went that way!!!.......D200/105
Crab..hiding in coral,taken with Canon S80 pover shoot...
My wife is a snookellers...taken at Perhentian Island, Tuna Bay Resort with Canon S80
Diver..taken at Perhentian Island,Malaysia
Model-Little nudi..posing. Using Canon S80 camera,
Nudi...taken with Canaon S80
I'm not an expert but this Xeno crab look pregnant to me 350D/105
If only you had waited a little bit longer Yves you would have seen them getting REALLY friendly. sony T3 point n press with Inon strobe
Blessed Diver! Taken In Tenggol With Canon S80.
4039 Entries Found: Page 141  of  150

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