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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Sudan

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A little sailboat in the harbour of Port Sudan in 1978.
On the wreck of Precontinent II in Sha'ab Rumi lives many beautiful soft coral like this that my wife is photographing in our trip in 1979.
Anemone, full of life
Wreck of the Umbria
My husband taking photos in the Red Sea.
Sweetlips undeur a very big umbrella madrepora.
A very famous diving site: the Sanganeb light house's in sudanese Red Sea.
These jacks gave me an interesting viewpoint when they swam overhead.
In 1970's my wife Lucia is near the wreck of the hangar of the sus coupe submarine of the u/w village of Cousteau's Precontinent II in Shaa'ab Rumi Reef in sudanese Red Sea.
Anemone Fish
My wife Lucia is inside the wreck of the hangar of u/w scooter of the Pre-Continent II Cousteau's village in Sha'ab Rumi reef in Sudan, that we visit in 1970's .
2 butterflyfish and softcoral
On the wreck of italian ship "Umbria" autosunked in Red Sea the first day of II° W.W.
Conch Eyes
Red coral grouper and yellow Anthias.
Keep smiling…Sudan - Lumix FX01
Shark's ballet - Sha'ab Rumi reef / Sudan - Lumix Fx01
Night dive in Sudan - Lumix FX01
Soft coral in the Red Sea.
Pale Damselfish, Amblyglyphydodon indicus
By nigth, the soft corail looks like fire - Sudan - Lumix FX01
Taken on a night dive in the Red Sea.
After the dive, on the way back to the boat - Sudan - Lumix FX01
By nigth in Sudan - Lumix FX01
The magic of an anemone at nigth - Lumix Fx01
Sha'ab Rumi reef : Amazing dives in this magic place, more than 40 years after Cousteau's experiences. Lumix Fx01
385 Entries Found: Page 11  of  15

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