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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bali Sea

5290 Entries Found: Page 21  of  196
Did you know that hermitcrabs have 'social networks' to find new shells? When a hermitcrab finds a new, bigger shell, different individuals, will gather around and form a waiting line from big to small? They move into a bigger 'home'
Sea Slug Doto
Costasiella kuroshimae 5mm
Tulamben, bali
Candy Crab Hoplophrys Oatesi
Nudibranch Trinchesia yamasui
Tulamben, Bali
Blue Dot Sea Hare
Tiger Shrimp,Tulamben,Bali,WonderDiveBali
Hypselodoris iba, Tulamben,Bali, WonderDiveBali
Hairy shrimp (Phycocaris simulans)
Eubranchus sp. - Kissing the Rain
Yellow Ribon Eel - Housereef Scuba Seraya Resort - Karangasem - Bali.
Picture D800 - Lens 105 mm - f18 / 1/125.
Ceratosoma trilobatum. Taken with Nikon D800 - 105 mm - f20 - 1/160
with the whole family
Honeycomb moray, at Seraya, Bali
Sony6500. Dinner time.
Thecacera picta
Hippocampus bargibanti - Looking Through the Window of the Soul
Helios - Phycocaris simulans
Lonely rabbit ( Costasiella usagi)
Doughnuts Doto greenmeyeri
Sunbathing Porcelain Crab
Angles - Bump-Head Sunfish - Mola alexandrini - Gilli Mimpang, Bali, Indonesia
Sagaminopteron psychedelicum
Closeup, focusing on the eye of tiny Gobie, with remainder of photo in Bokeh.
Nudibranch - Tambja sp.
Bali, Indonisia
Firestarter ... !
Coleman Shrimp - Periclimenes colemani
Bali, Indonisia
5290 Entries Found: Page 21  of  196

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