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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Honduras

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Tiny cryptic teardrop crab just inside a vase sponge.
on my way back from Neman's Wall to the Prince Albert where our boat was tied up, I noticed this scorpionfish. Since I had the FE lens on, I decided to try and do a close focus/wide angle shot with him as the subject.
Brain coral - I love the canyons and movement in this coral. While I was focusing this little goby jumped into the picture.
When I saw this mantis shrimp I decided to try and entice him out of his hole and take a heavy surge. I stayed with him for about 5 minutes and finally got this. I never could get him to come all the way out.
I was swimming along the wall, in the surge when I stopped to look at a seahorse. As I began to take a picture of the seahorse, this little guy swam up and posed for two shots. This was the one I liked best. Very inquisitive little guy.
A green lettuce slug on a pine cone algae. Shut in Utila in 2015 with Nikon D610 and two external Sea&Sea strobes.
Red fish blue fish
the conch
Sunny star
Madame Butterfly Fish
Soaring Eagle!
Where does sand come from?
When life gives you lemons.... enjoy the ray....
School's in Session -
Spooky channel lives up to its name ...... Roatan
Curious moray eel .... Roatan
Yellowhead Jawfish aerating the eggs
Yellowhead Jawfish aerating the eggs
Roatan, Honduras
Slender Filefish. Monacanthus tuckeri
Roatan, Honduras
Canon G15, Canon Housing, Ambient Light, ISO 400, 14.15mm, 0.7-EV
F/2.5, 1/200
With visibility less than ideal for the wreck dive, I decided to use my 100mm macro rather than a wide angle lens. It paid off when I spotted this Bearded Fireworm on a sea fan.
Crab with Purple eyes.....
Marble jelly on safety Stop
Reef Scenic, Texas Drift site, Roatan Marine Park, Roatan, Honduras
Scorpion Fish hiding in soft coral
Fish in color....
Parrotfish, Roatan
1187 Entries Found: Page 8  of  44

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