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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Pale Sea Cucumber (feeding)/ Photo taken using an Olympus C-7070, set to UW macro scene, in a PT-027 housing and with a Nikonos SB-105 strobe. After watching the critter for some time I caught it as it inserted one of its ten tentacles in its mouth.
Opalescent (Aeolid) Nudibranch? The photo was taken at Setchel Point near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. The critter was gliding across the top of a rocky reef.
"Forgotten" A crumbling wreck slowly dissapears...
"Flowered Tomb" A freshwater sponge grows on an anchor.
Canada, May 09
"Spring Stream"
A fern, liberated from winter's ice, is half submerged by the swollen waters of a forest stream.
Canadian wild goose
"Deep Poetry!" In fact; this is exactly what it is! My notebook which i use for drawings and ...poems inspired by the ghosts of old wrecks.
First try in this category. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens, Kodak 400 film, manual exposure with the Ikelite 150 strobe on the diver just below the ice. Background divers doing skills by plane. Morrison's quarry.
At 165 feet, a Nova Scotia tech diver examines a portion of the munitions cargo remaining on the Empire Kingfisher wrecked off Port LaTour. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens dual Ikelite 150 strobes, Fuji 400 asa film. Cropped & colour corrected.
Diver with airplane under the ice at Morrison's Quarry. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens and Fuji film in natural light with manual exposure. Cropped for subject and colour corrected.
Diver with camera at the ice entry hole in Morrison's quarry Quebec, Canada. Nikonos V, Sea & Sea 12mm lens and Kodak 400 asa film, manual exposure. Cropped for subject. A pleasant day under the ice.
An apnea diver contemplates what he is about to do. Morrison's Quarry, Quebec, Canada. Minolta x700 camera with 19mm Vivitar lens and Fuji 200 ASA film.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a nicely composed shot that tells a story. You don't need to live by a coral reef to be an u/w photographer, but it helps!
"Blind Lolita"
A fine specimen of burbot found last summer, blinded by a trematode, called Blindness fluke. Because of it, i was able to shoot this portrait from very close.
"Easy Diver"
Baby Humpback Whale called Houdini breaching at Johnstone Strait, Canada.
"Surface Interval" A couple of mergansers, excellent diving ducks, pause between sessions of freediving for fish. They are around here the definite sign that summer and diving are coming!!!
"Dark Side Of The Moon"
Raindrops seen from the underside appear like craters on the surface of the moon....
"Diving Sun" the end of a diving day.
"Unchain My Heart"
A small wreck in the St-Lawrence, chained to the silent depht
Coming up from a long lake dive to heavy rain...and finding it beautiful!!!
Apnea Diver under ice, Morrisons Quarry, Quebec, Canada. Cropped for subject and colour corrected. Nikonos V, Sea & Sea 12mm lens, Kodak 400 ASA film, manual exposure with Ikelite 150 strobe fill.
"ABYSSAL ORCHID" These quite ordinary freshwater sponges sometimes become beautiful flowers in some settings. This one hanging from a fallen tree branch i tought looked a bit like some old Japanese print...
Diver's eyes...
"Looking Out" These rock bass are having a look outside an opening in a wreck where they find security. Outside, the pikes and big walleyes roam...
Octupus at Rebbeca Rock, Powell River BC CANADA.
1084 Entries Found: Page 34  of  41

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