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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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"Wil's neverending arm"
Night Tide - Image taken in Victoria with a Nikon D100, 80-200mm lens, with a 2.5 minute exposure.
Inside the cargo hold of the EastCliffe Hall which was wrecked in the St Lawrence River near the town of Morrisburg. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea&Sea lens, manual exposure in natural light with 3200 ASA B&W film.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Those fisheye lenses distort straight lines but are still the right lens for wrecks eh Michael!
CLAWS! Close-up anyone? Large lobster - North shore, Gaspé Peninsula, Canada
Underwater Pumpkin carving in Morrison's Quarry, Quebec, Canada. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens, Fuji 200 ASA film, dual Ikelite 150 strobes and manual settings. Pumpkins are surprising buoyant - Happy Halloween everyone.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
At least it was topical!
Alice in profile, shot with a Sony F828 in Markham, Ont.
Wreck of the Gaskin, in the St. Lawrence River just off Brockville, Ontario. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens on manual exposure in natural light with 800 ASA film.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2007

Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Neat long exposure of a freshwater wreck Michael
Wreck of the Conestoga near Cardinal in the St. Lawrence River. Natural light photo with a Nikonos V, Sea & Sea 12mm lens and Kodak B&W film on manual exposure.
Large mouth Bass cruising about the wreck of the Rothesay, Saint-Laurent river, Canada
Harbour Seal making a new friend
See me? Freshwater Sculpin hiding in a bed of Zebra mussels and freshwater sponges. Saint-Laurent River, Canada.
Harbour Seal
Sea Star. 30' high tide.
Tube dwelling anenome
close incounter at magdalen islands,canada
angel from darknes
Lion's mane jelly fish, take at Whytecliff Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
suzy, brian and a stormy day at lake simcoe - a perfect day to get hitched
Profile of an anenome - Vancouver Island...
Anenome which appears to have a small pearl near its mouth...Vancouver Island
Orange peel nudi - vancouver island
Bridge of the PLM 27 torpedoed Nov 2nd 1942 by U-518
Nudi - Vancouver Island - D70s - 60mm macro
Plumose anenomes hicthihg a lift on a scallop - Vancouver Island
Close of up of the eye of a wolf eel - Vancouver Island
Another shot taken off Vancouver Island - this guy didn't seem too bothered about my presence...Nikon D70s 60mm macro
1084 Entries Found: Page 38  of  41

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