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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Red flabellina on kelp, Flabellina triophina. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10, 2XUCL165 & Inon D2000.
Decorated crab. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
Giant nudi, Dendronotus iris. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
Swimming snail also known as a Pteropod. A pelagic gastropod mollusk. First time I've seen these in Port Hardy.
Tree on the beach. Tofino, BC. Canon G10.
Fog on the beach. Tofino, BC. Canon G10.
Apnea divers greet each other under the ice at Morrison's Quarry. Nikonos V, manual exposure with 12mm Sea & Sea lens. Cropped for subject, colour corrected and scratches removed in Photoshop.
We were underwater at about 45ft. at a cleaning station waiting for what seemed forever. Then after 40 minutes out of the blue comes this huge Manta flying gracefully overhead. This was the first Manta we had ever seen and Wow! what a beauty.
Divers explore a Sherman-Grant tank lying on its side from the wreck of the Kolkhosnik lost off Halifax in 1942. Depth 145 feet. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens and dual Ikelite 150's, manual exposure. Cropped and colour corrected.
Decorated Warbonnet. Port Hardy Canada. Finally able to get a head-on shot of this normally shy critter.
Giant nudi. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
F5.6 1/250 ttl sea and sea G1 with 1 110a strobe
Not a wreck, but this signpost was made underwater in Morrison's Quarry by a group of divers with a sense of humour. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens, Kodak 400 asa film, manual exposure with dual Ikelite 150's for strobe fill.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I think a wreck is technically anything man-made and metal that shouldn't be underwater? Anyway, a fun shot.
At a depth of 90 feet, a diver investigates the steering quadrant of the Bohemian wrecked off Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens, Ilford 3200 ASA film on manual exposure in natural light.
This moon jelly was about the size of a dinner plate. I just held the housing out in front and took a snap.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Thanks for sharing an interesting (and unique) technique for shooting jellies with us Rand!
Green water! Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Buffalo sculpin (Enophrys bison). Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Jelly shuttle. Canon Ixus 980.
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2009

Final RoundThrough to 2009 awards final round judging
Proliferating anemone with juveniles on the column. Quadra Island BC. Canon Ixus 980.
"I found it, it's mine!" Crab and cockle, shot with a Canon 30D, Sigma 15mm fisheye and Ikelite DS-160 strobe in about 20' of water at Whytecliff Marine Park, West Vancouver, BC
Puget sound king crab, an underwater mini army tank. Quadra island, BC. Canon Ixus 980.
Brooding anemone. DX-1G YS-110A strobe. F9-125 iso 100
Giant plumose anemone. Quadra Island, BC. Canon Ixus 980.
Taken at Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver at the end of the dive in a few feet of water. Shot with a Canon 30D and Sigma 15/2.8 fisheye - strobe turned off.
Firework. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Pacific sea peach. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10, Inon D2000.
Juvenile Copper Rockfish take at Setchel Point on Vancouver Island,Canada.
1084 Entries Found: Page 31  of  41

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