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by Didier Pasquini

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Julian Hsu (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Guam

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Face Paint 2: Canon T2I, 60MM, F11, 1/200
Face Paint: Canon T2I, 60mm
Wandering Pompano: Canon T2I, Tokina 10-17
Wrasse with scars
Moray: Panasonic ZS3 with Inon strobe

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
keeping it simple is difficult!
Finally a Harlequin in our own back yard!
Micromelo undata
Chelinodura hirundinina surprise appearance :-)
A surprise Micromelo Encounter
Nudibranch at the Watering Hole.
Young Turkeyfish at night on Gun Beach
Thurdilla gracilis love!!!
Early am- Gun Beach, Guam
No flash
Business end of a Trigger.
He was very interested in in my camera...or fingers. I never new they had fuzzy lips!
A pretty specimen found at Outhouse Dive site..don't ask :-)
Glossidoris symmetrica
Cerasatoma sinuatum- Piti Channel, Guam
Elysia Ornata
Favorinus Sp. found on Glossodoris eggs which I believe they eat! Canon A640 and Custom 20x Macro.
I hadn't seen a Smiling Blenny for a while so I obliged with one of my own. I only cropped a few pixels... ;-)
Night dive at Gun Beach
Shot in B/W while snorkeling
Tiny Box Puffer- Piti Channel, Guam
Early am Guam - No cropping
Sea urchin going off
243 Entries Found: Page 8  of  9

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