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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Guam

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Curious Picasso
Outhouse beach, Guam
Piti Bomb Holes, Guam
Under the bridge, Piti Channel Guam
Lemon peels, haps reef, guam
Juvenile emperor angelfish, Piti Channel, Guam
The mouth of a Great Anenome
This is a female Tomato Anenomefish (pomacentridae amphiprion frenatus) posing for me at Gab Gab reef in Apra Harbor. Digital Intova 6MP w/ external auto sync flash.
Juvenile Orange Lined Trigger (2 cm tall). I love the little trigger fin thats up. Canon A640
Night Blooms. Canon A640. Night Dive on the Toki
"Safety Stop" My buddy makes a safety stop at end of a dive on Haps Reef in Guam. This shot on 12 December 2007 on my last dive of my trip to Guam. Canon A630 in an Ikelite housing. This photograph was taken with available light.
"Freckled Hawkfish" Taken on a dive at Coral Gardens in Guam on 8 December 2007. I was amazed he let me get this close. Canon A630 set on macro/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
Divers ascending from the Blue Hole. Photo taken on 8 December 2007. Canon A630 set on Manual/Ikelite Housing.
"A Pair of Gobies with Partner Shrimp" With over 200 genera and an estimated 1500 species it's no surprise I couldn't find the specific species of Gobie. This shot was taken on a dive off San Luis Beach in Guam on 11 December 2007.
A Beautiful Wrasse that was buzzing my camera. After multiple shots one finally came out nice and clear. Canon A640

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
These Peacock Wrasse are Neon aren't they Chad
"What's all the fuss about" Green Moray poking his head out of his hole near Blue Hole in Guam. Photo taken on 12 December 2007. I was using a Canon A630 set on macro/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe with Manual Controller.
My buddy gets a shot of fish schooling outside Fisheye Park in Guam.
What can I say... I got lucky :-) I'm sure many of you know how difficult it is to shoot a free-swimming fish, in open water, with a "point and shoot" :-)) Gab Gab Reef/Guam/10 December 2007/Canon A630/Ikelite Housing/Ikelite DS125 Substrobe.
Local Pipefish off of Gun Beach. Canon A640, 30X Macro.
This was shot on 11 December 2007, at a divesite known as "The Crevice" off the coast of Guam and shows the incredible visibility we were enjoying while diving there. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite Housing. Manual white balance and exposure.
My buddy photographing anemonefish on a reef near Umatac, Guam. This photo was taken on 9 December 2007. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite Housing. Camera was set on manual, no flash.
"Looking for the Shot" My buddy glides over the Tokai Maru in Apra Harbor, Guam searching for the right "angle" to take a photograph. This photo was taken on 9 December 2007 using available light. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite Housing.
Hap's Reef, Guam... This photo was taken using available light at 11:56 AM on 12 December 2007 during a dive at Hap's Reef in Guam. Exposure and white balance were set manually. I was using a Canon A630 in an Ikelite Housing.
Eric Fly floats in the solar flare!
Dive: Ice Cream, Saipan
Smiling Fish taken at Anae Caves, Guam.
Leaf Fish with Protruding mouth.
We happened upon this leaf fish where we I happened to change over to full manual. When he open his mouth the second time I happened to be focused and ready to take a picture. To my surprise it came out beutifully.
242 Entries Found: Page 9  of  9

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