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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Italy

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Two Cratena are quietly feeding on hydroids in the sea of Casteldaccia. See the open mouth flanked by the oral tentacles. Notice the vertical orientation of the mouth that is the most common configuration in all sea slugs.(Canon100,1/200,f20,i.160)
If you were to count all the shades of white, purple, orange, yellow, blue and pink contained in a Mediterranean Flabellina I think one page (in small print) would not be enough! Sept_2023 (Canon100, 1/200,f13,iso100)
Chromodoris tricolor_Goa_India_2023
Cratena nudibranch_2023
A Felimare nudi emerges from a seaweed called Padina pavonica. _Not everyone knows that an active ingredient is extracted from P. pavonica & used in cosmetics for skin moisturize . Natura always reserves surprises!_2023
Flabellinae are often found perched in precarious positions. But by waiting a bit you can often find the right angle to see them almost entirely, as in this photo.Sept_2023
Nudis are usually on top of something. This has climbed onto a hydroid twig. I don't worry if body is out of focus. Indeed, the photo can be even more beautiful the more the body is blurred, as long as the head is clear.
Cratena nudibranchs_August 2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f20,iso160)
An Elysia timida nudibranch close up. In the background a tube-shaped hermit crab, also very small, whose carapace does not exceed 10 mm in length, with a white & red,the eye stalks very long & black eyes_
August 2023.
Felimare tricolor close up. Here I've cropped the shot a bit. Let's say about 30%-40% of the image while still making sure I kept the head with rhinophores quite in focus_August 2023
Couple of Cratenas_August 2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f20,iso200)
I usually find this type of Flabellina where there is a hidden current, however it prefers to shelter in creeks. Once found it is pleasant to shot when it opens its cerata upwards as in this photo taken ~15 mt deep_2023
A pair of Cratena peregrina nudibranchs crawls across the seafloor near Casteldaccia, Sicily.
Photo taken in August 2023
This Flabellina a. with its lively colors seems to say "be careful"!.After feeding on hydroids, they keep intact the stinging nematocysts contained therein & transfer to cerata for defense against predators_July2023
Cratena nudibranchs_August 2023
Cratena Peregrina . in Ligurian sea . Noli (Sv)
Lately I've enjoyed finding two or more Cratenas close to each other, I wait and, as if they knew I want to photograph them, they approach each other to give me some shots while they are tangled together_August 2023
Felimare tricolor of Mediterranean Sea_June 2023
Close up on the bright eyes for this little Hermit crab. Photo taken during a dive in Scilla in 2021
Photographing from below can be difficult, but it pays off especially if you can find a nudibranch that's on top of a twig like in this photo of a beautiful Flabellina_Scilla_July 2021
Beautiful Flabellina affinis photographed at "La Montagna of Scilla" dive site,Italy_July 2021
The Flabellina affinis nudibranch , an intricate lilac colored tangle, whose head I often fail to locate, is always fascinating for me to photograph_July_2023
Felimare tricolor_June 2023
Prostheceraeus Giesbrechtii_July 2023
Two Cratena nudibranchs dancing in the current."La Formica" dive site_Casteldaccia,Sicily_July2023 (Canon100,1/200,f20,iso200)
Pink Flabellina nudibranch_July 2023
A pair of colorful Cratena nudibranchs feeding on hydroids of the genus Eudendrium. Photo taken at the dive site La Formica (Casteldaccia_Sicily)_July 2023
4840 Entries Found: Page 1  of  180

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