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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Coral Sea

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Schools out
Diver Gorgonian Fan and Soft Coral
Soht taken out on the Great Barrier Reef, Canon 7D, 17-70mm macro lens.
Nemo GBR
GoPro Still taken while feeding some fish in a Bora Bora lagoon
It's a simple still image taken from some video I was shooting in a private lagoon on Bora Bora. In this instance I was using a GoPro Hero3 video camera to film some fish and coral in the area.
A Sweetlip swimming out from the coral....
A school of bump head parrotfish..... Flynn Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Bat Fish circling me while I was doing my safety stop above the exHMAS Brisbane wreck, Mooloolaba, Australia
Green Sea Turtle resting at Cook Island, Fingal Head, NSW, Australia.
Thorny beauty.
Clownfish playing peekaboo with diver.
Clownfish peeking out of anemone.
Snake Portrait/This Snake portrait was taken in the Coral Sea at a site called "Snake Pit." There were many snakes at this site, and they were curious about the divers and seemed mezmerized by their reflection in the dome port.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Great colors and the perfect pose to feel the behavior of this snake.
Spotted Eagle Rays
Clam Mantle Manipulated Great Barrier Reef at Osprey
Nudibranch at Norman Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Cairns
Beautiful sea turtle at Norman Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Cairns.
Vermilion Biscuit Sea Star (Pentagonaster duebeni)
Blue Star - Cook Island, NSW, Australia
Leopard Shark - Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
695 Entries Found: Page 5  of  26

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