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by Marc Van Den Broeck

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

14674 Entries Found: Page 2  of  544
Seahorse with Reef Fish in Belize
YIN AND YANG SHARKS in Belize (While diving with my son, a shark followed playfully for 15 minutes and then as we approached a second shark resting in the sand the first crashed into it (I caught it on video!) and they came to rest in this position.
Bonfire diving
Aguadilla Puerto Rico
Blenny city/ In Saint Lucia you can find many different types of blennies. This is one of the beautiful bennies that you could spot and stay with for hours!
This guy was relaxing on the reef and ignored us more than I've ever seen a turtle do. He was super chill and let us snap some nice shots of him.
Lizard Fish
Sony A7-IV 9omm F2.8 1/125 f/22 ISO 200
Shark in Grand Cayman
Aquanauts -
coming up for my 15m interval to see what's above me.
Portrait Blenny with Marelux SOFT
Lettuce slug found in Cozumel Santa Rosa. There was a lot of current but I was determined on using my macro lens on this dive!
Curious turtle on Bonaire.
Turtle on the chien Tong wreck St Eustatia
Scorpion fish in St Eustatia
Christmas Tree Worm with a Little fish at base
Night dives are my favorite macro time!
Golden Hamlet, Garden of the Queen, Cuba
Longhorn Blenny with Marelux SOFT snoot
Lettuce sea slug
Elysia cripata
Sea Butterfly
Bonfire diving
Aguadilla Puerto Rico
3ft long hog fish in front of the famous British mailing ship the RMS Rhone which sank in 1867 after getting caught up in a tropical storm killing over 150 passengers. The ship lays in two parts after it exploded, pictured is the Bow (150ft long)
Pirate under the sea with a Bi colored damsel fish.
Swordfish on Bonaire.
Blenny with Marelux SOFT
Sexy Shrimp with Marelux SOFT
Watching Eyes. Freediving action shot with an Olympus TG-6 of a southern stingray and its bar jack companion.
14674 Entries Found: Page 2  of  544

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