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by Marc Van Den Broeck

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

14674 Entries Found: Page 541  of  544
Out for a Stroll - Stareye Hermit Crab seen on night dive on Calabas Reef, Bonaire
Easy Pickin's- A well camouflaged seahorse sways with the surge amidst a cloud of damselfish fry. As the parent guarding the nest launched brave attacks against my macro lens, it completely ignored the real threat. Sunset Waters Beach Resort, Curacao
This picture is taken off Ile le saintes, guadeloupe. take a look at the contrasts. I love this picture
Mael Yellow-headed Jawfish Incubating a mouthful of eggs. "Mr. Mom"
Whale shark that swam with us for 3 hours on an Aquacat Cruise on Jan 1st 2006. What a way to start the new year!!
Wreck of the Austin Smith. Aquacat Liveaboard trip. Jan 6 2006
Cleaning time. Turks & Caicos
"Pretty in Pink" - Pretty diver in pink wetsuit models in Bonaire. 35mm lens, Ikelite SS-Ai
Say Chhes.
Trumpet fish taken in Bonaire. He let me get close up......
Roatan, Honduras.
Pike Blenny, Turks & Caicos
Breaking the rules, used the Magic Filter and the 10.5mm FE
Shrimp @ Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman
Caribbean "Fan"tasy.
Karpata, Bonaire.
Sea Urchin B&W
Helmet shell, San Salvador, Bahamas. Nikonos V, Sea&Sea 12mm lens. Provia 100F
Coral formation in Curacao...
Spotted Eagle Ray in Bonaire. The tail was about 2m/7ft long!
Roatan, Honduras.
Reef Shark, Turks & Caicos. This one kept ciircling me, giving me lots of different ways to shoot it.
Roatan, Honduras.
"Say Cheese!" - Stoplight parrotfish in Roatan, Honduras. Olympus C4040z/PT-010 housing.
where is my next ride? Roatan,HN.
Turtle Crossing,Roatan-HN.
Grouper. Turks & Caicos. 10mm
14674 Entries Found: Page 541  of  544

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