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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From New Zealand

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Eagle ray Myliobatis tenuicaudatus in Goat Island Marine Reserve
Translucent Shrimp Warrior from Ti Point Wharf
Golfball sponges in a murky harbour
Old chain lives new life as boat mooring
Leatherjacket Parika scaber
Clown doris (Ceratosoma amoena)
A nicely coloured leatherjacket. The picture is a crop from a wide-angle image
Triplefin on guard in front of its cave
White-tentacled anemone (Actinothoe albocincta) close-up
Snapper gliding above meadows of brown algae in shallows of Goat Island marine reserve.
Sabella spallanzanii, a pest in nz waters
This photo was taken while on a Scallop Dive. The water was 10degrees and I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Seahorse who happily posed for me.
Female sea lion snorted at me when I walked by.
A swarm of Blue and Pink Maomaos tried to hide under a submerged arch at Poor Knights Island, New Zealand.
My diver model swam up this kelp wall and was confronted face to face with a massive scorpion fish off Poor Knights Islands in New Zealand.
Too blue to be real?
This is a cropped image, the jelly was less than 1cm in diameter and I had only a 60mm lens frown
Fan worm from murky Browns Bay
Diver approaching wall covered with Ecklonia kelp
Symphony of Blue Maomaos in Poor Knights Island's Northern Arch against the morning sun.
Another beauty from the 'barren' Browns Bay. 60mm lens used.
A gem nudibranch (Dendrodoris) on a "barren" Browns Bay beach
My companion for the whole dive
A beautiful sponge in a very silty harbour
Stingrays congregate around New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands every March for mating, also attracting lots of orcas which feed on rays. This 6' sting ray just dozed in a gravel 'bed' before I accidently woke it up.
Violet finger sponge glowing in the murky waters of Mahurangi Harbour.
233 Entries Found: Page 2  of  9

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