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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Italy

4840 Entries Found: Page 17  of  180
Marettimo's Island
(Blutek Diving)
(Plesionika narval)
Ghost in the night
"Sepia officinalis"
Underwater swimming worm
(Prosthaceraeus splendidus)
Ghost shrimp
(Periclimenes aegylios)
Scilla - paramuricea clavata
Jellyfish from below
(Pelagia noctiluca)
Underwater cow
(Peltodoris atrmaculata)
Red fish
Underwater flames
(Astroides calycularis madrepora)
Temerary shrimp
(Palaemon serratus)
Janolus cristatus
Micro architectural of ascidia
(Clavelina sp.)
Ghost in the night dive
(Olindias phosphorica)
"Sorry... but I'm very busy!
(Felimida khroni)
Lunch time (Flabellina affinis)
Small Parablennius Rouxi
This Hermitcrab was photographed in Sardinia. Did you know that most species have long, spirally curved abdomens, which are soft, unlike the hard, calcified abdomens seen in related crustaceans? There are approx 1112 species of Hermit crabs.
fashion in swimmingpool
fin whale submerging near lampedusa island
Huge panorama, impossible to sea naturally, possible just stitching lot of pictures together. The magic of photography.
underwater models in swimmingpool
Flabellin babai
Mediterranean grouper
The macro close up of a sea star tentacle showing how wonderful and complex is each tentacle
Janolus Cristatus, this kind of nudibranch is not so common in the tyrrhenian sea
4840 Entries Found: Page 17  of  180

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