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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Italy

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Portofino. Secca Carega. Che folla !!!
Colours of Adriatic Sea.
Portofino. Secca Carega. Cernia.
Portofino. Secca Carega. Gorgonia.
Nudibranco a Portofino
Murena a Portofino
Sqilla mantis
Nikon 100D and 16mm Nikkor
Flabellina and a very little shrimp. Canon Eos 350D, 60 macro lens in Fantasea housing and standard port. Sea&Sea YS 90 strobes.
Little shrimp from Capo Noli. Canon 350D and 60 macro in Fantasea housing and standard port. Two Sea & Sea YS 90 strobes.
Spirografo a Portofino
Spirografo in notturna
Kiss me -Two Cratena peregrina in love

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
An unusual pose!
Pesce Lucertola - Isola del Giglio
Serpula vermicularis
canon ixus 900ti wpdc-7 inon lens epoque es 150-ds strobe.
To Brian and Jones,
this photography has been released before that one indicted and hopes is sufficient in order to remove the doubts of photomontage of the previous photography.
Seahorse Nikon D100, 105 micro,model
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging
Colours in the sea Canon digital ixus 400 Canon wpdc 800 Flash Epoque es-150
Red sea Dahab Canyon Canon digital ixus 400 WPDC-800 Epoque es-150
Largescaled scorpionfish - Nikon coolpix 5000
snorkeling - Nikon coolpix 5000
in the Sand banks of Adriatic sea
Jellyfish Cothyloriza tubercolata.
Gennaio 2007 - A timid clown fish in a red anemone - Moalboal, Cebu Island, Philippines
giannutri island
nudibranch 8mm lenght macro picture by nikonos tube 2:1
shark eggs elba island

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A simple, yet effective, study
paguro gas platform wreack ravenna italy
4803 Entries Found: Page 172  of  178

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