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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Italy

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A shrimp (Gnathophyllum elegans) typical inhabitant of underwater caves.
His name is Zerro, and specifically it is a male in livery wedding.
Nikon F90X and 60mm macro.
The sad image of a big Dentex in trap
The Elviscott was a small Greek merchant ship carrying a cargo of wood, that sank South of Pomonte (South-western coast of Elba) in consequence of adverse weather cnditions during 1972.
A red gorgonia (Paramuricea clavata) photographed at the submerged mountain of Scilla. Canon 15mm fisheye f2,8.
big Rhizostoma pulmo (botte di mare), Oly SP 350, Oly housing, Sistiana near Trieste
Sul ciglio del burrone
Detail of one jellyfish (seawasp) Pelagia noctiluca. 105mmMicroNikkor and diopters disk of a valve +2.
Barracuda of the Mediterranean, island of Ustica. Canon 28mm f2,8
little crab, location trieste bay, italy, Olympus C5060WZ
One double exposure realized with Photoshop.
The emerald cove is found to Amalfi therefore called for the typical glares greens that you can admire in the photo.
Elisabetta Grotta dei Fantasmi - Alghero Sardinia
Camera Nikonos V - Flash Ikelite Substrobe 150
I love to realize rich luminous atmospheres of glares. The occasion of a windsurf that it leave from the coast unconscious of what happens under the surface of the sea.
Canon EOS 1000F + 15mm fisheye.
A flower that opens its petals..una outbreak of colors... is simply a Worm. The sea is truly a full place of wonders.
Madonna del Vervece.olympus sp 350
Octopus eye's.
Esco dal tunnel
One divers in cove near the island of Ustica - Tyrrhenian meridional. Nikonos III and 12 milimeter Sea & Sea.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
This one is a study of light. A classic composition but always worth revisiting
Mediterranean Sea
Pantelleria Island
No Strobes
The Red Coral of Alghero Sardinia.
Olympus SP-350 with Olympus housing PT-030
Elisabetta with lobster in the"Sea Bass Cave"
Alghero Sardinia Italy
Camera Nikonos lens 15mm - flash Ikelite Substrobe 150
This beautifulst copy of Mediterranean Fish Crossbow, has been photographed in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula and just in waters close to the Island of the Currents in Sicily. The experts think that the presence of this species, alread...
Pinna Nobilis
Marine Life
Wide Angle
In little meters of water with the technique of fill-in thanks to fisheye 15mm the Canon they are successful to resume the glare of the emerged faraglione.
The wrecks of the KENT as the "ship of the corani" is found along the Tirrenica coast of the Sicily, sunk in 1978 as a result of a fire in position of navigation to one depth of -45. One dipped some evocative and moving.
4860 Entries Found: Page 171  of  180

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