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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Turks and Caicos islands

240 Entries Found: Page 4  of  9
Friendly grouper
Pregnant caribbean reef shark under the T&C Agressor
Taken in Turks and Caicos using 105 lens
taken with nikon d 200, 105 lense and close up diopter
taken with nikon d 200 in a sea and sea housing with tokina 10-17
Some land time after a two week cruise from the BVI's to the T+C's. Nice! Getting our land legs back. Well maybe not completely.
Sweating! Climbing is hard work!
Batfish hiding...
Sleeping Octopus with sharknose blenny also sleeping. Even while sleeping, their colors change! The red is from my strobe, and the aqua from my lycra skin
taken with tokina 10-17
We were on a shark shoot, trying to get the animals against the sunball, and i got lucky with this juxtaposition. Canon 5D MKII, Aquatica Housing. No flash
Arrow crab in Turks and Caicos
diver on the rope.
A beautiful invader. We dived in Turks 3 years ago and didn't see one lion fish. This year we saw them on every dive.
Here's lookin' at you kid. Wary fish in the Caribbean.
Almost missed this guy. In Turks & Caicos, off French Cay at Shoots dive site.
Turtle taken off Provo, at Shoots dive site in March 2009.
Juv. Parrot Fish hiding out
Anchor seen in Turks and Caicos while diving aboard the Aggressor live aboard. Popeye would be proud, although the heart-shaped encrustation might detract from the "manliness" a bit. ( insert Popeye laugh here.)
Adventures in depth of field.
Fireworm on a Purple gorgonian was taken last spring in turks and caicos islands. Great colour composition on this photo.
Shot of Kodachrome 64 using a Nikonos V, 15 mm lens, and an Ikelite SS 400
LOretta the friendly Grouper
Lobster in the Spotlight
Nassau Grouper with Diver
Sponge Volcano .....
Diving with my good friend & Dive Master, Matthew Williams, somewhere off of West Caicos, TCI, I was lucky enough to capture this tranquil beauty of the sea, casually cruising by, with such grace, over the ocean floor… I almost missed her.
240 Entries Found: Page 4  of  9

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