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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3147 Entries Found: Page 14  of  117
The Kittiwake, a playground for divers and fish alike.
Dive In - a brightly clad diver takes a giant stride in to join fellow photographers in Little Cayman.
"Morning Commute"
Diving the Kittiwake first thing in the morning is always a treat. Beat the crowds, the Jacks are cruising and the light is beautiful.
Gaudy clown crab on top of a vase sponge
We were in a photo class in the midst of a tropical depression and unable to dive the Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman - so we shot macro on the south side. Was lucky neough to find this solitary hydroid on the end of a coral!
"Turtle In The Sunlight"
Rays of late-day sun illuminate a resting green sea turtle.
"Sparkling Breaths"
A Green Turtle surfaces for a breather in the early morning light.
"Skybill Silhouette"
I have been trying to have a day a week were a shoot "Bare Neccesities" this of course is just a fancy phrase for natural light, but it has been awesome to free up the mind with flash settings once in awhile and focus on comp...
"Squid In High Key"
I spent about 1 1/2 hrs with some playful squid on a shallow shore dive. I pointed my camera straight up under the squid against the sky & intentionally overexposed the sun to blow out the sky & leave just the squid as subject.
"Follow the Leader"
Nothing like a game of tag with some friendly Spotted Eagle Rays.
"Pretty Shell"
A beautiful Green Sea Turtle cruises the turtle grass fields just off of Spotts Beach, Grand Cayman.
"Spinning Sponges"
The sponge in the foreground is illuminated by my strobes, while the ones in the background spin! No Photoshop.
"Sandy and the Jacks"
Large Southern Stingray along the sandy bottom of Stingray City dive site accompanied by some fish back up.
"Christmas Texture"
Christmas tree worms in a beautiful shade of orange, contrasting nicely against charcoal-colored coral! Texture achieved by shooting with a single strobe.
'It's Raining Squid' - Two Caribbean reef squid in the shallow waters of Grand Cayman during a rain storm
"Take a Breath"
A Hawksbill Turtle starts a breath up to prepare for the next dive.
"Going Down"
A Hawksbill Turtle decends towards the reef.
"Wrap Around"
"In the shadows"
"Porthole Frame"
A diver is framed through a porthole on the bridge of the USS-Kittiwake. The room this photo was taken in is painted, its bright colors coming out with my twin strobes.
"Glowing Skeleton"
A skeleton shrimp photographed with my Nightsea fluorescence kit, causing it to glow!
"The Furnace"
Deep in the decks of the Kittiwake I found this object that I thought to be a stove. To create this glow, I detached my focus light and gently placed it inside.
I found this starfish climbing over mangrove tree roots. Once it got near the surface of the water, I was able to frame the photograph I wanted: both the over-under view, as well as the reflection of the starfish on the surface of the water.
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
"Full Extension"
A large Hawksbill Turtle extends his fins way out to create as much momentum for his dive as possible.
"Starfish Through The Lens"
A starfish is seen both in front, and through, my Sea&Sea dome port. I took this photo as I framed a shot.
"Golden Portrait"
A rare golden coney. No filters used: I angled my strobes to light just the coney's face, and used a high shutter speed, which kept the water behind it blue and provided a nice contrast to the yellow.
3147 Entries Found: Page 14  of  117

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