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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3147 Entries Found: Page 16  of  117
"Seahorse Sponge"
With all the action of of capturing the amazing movements of this group of Silversides I couldn't help but see this Orange Elephant Ear sponge closely resembling a Sea Horse.
"Bristle worm bouquet"
This image was taken at Devils' Grotto. I had hoped that a tarpon was coming through the hole in the silversides, but I got this Bar Jack instead. I was happy with it anyway.
'Into The Woods' - A mutton snapper swims through the coral reefs of Grand Cayman
A gorgeous sponge on the wreck of the Doc Poulson.
"Silver Rush"
Silversides rush over sponges on the North Wall. They arrive on Grand Cayman once a year...if we're lucky. They're amazing to photograph--racing in large packs to evade predators.
A secretary blenny checking out it's surroundings
"Red eye"
"Take Me To Your Leader"
A graysby fish stares menacingly at the camera. No Photoshop, I set up my strobe lighting for a creepy effect, to go with the look I was getting.
"Free fall"
A Sailfin Blenny displays his distinctive trait.
A diver explores the engine room of the ex-USS Kittiwake. I used a slave strobe and placed it so it would burst light through the metal structure in front of the diver.
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2016

Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
'Light Ray' - A southern stingray of Grand Cayman
"Red on Red"
'Radiance' - A black background was created in post-processing to showcase the brilliant colors of this Caribbean reef squid.
"Making the turn"
Flamingo Tongues in love
Male jaw fish incubating the eggs.
"Stars Above And Below"
Starfish are seen both through the surface of the water and below. No Photoshop: I used my wide angle dome port for this shot, carefully angling my camera housing in order to get both the over and under water views.
The Horse Eyed Jacks love played follow the leader around the Kittiwake.
"Friendly Atmosphere"
A Banded Coral Shrimp making friends with a White Spotted Moray.
Shadow hunting over a Southern Stingray
A two claw shrimp peers out from a purple vase sponge. This kind of shrimp is a rare find in Cayman! I used a shallow depth of field to focus just on the shrimp's eyes.
Hiding in the polyps
Small shrimp rests on a corallimorph.
Trash the Dress at the famous Stingray Sandbar
3147 Entries Found: Page 16  of  117

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