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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

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Colorful Ceilings
Inside the cut out in the iron shore known by local dive guides as the Ballroom.
"Big Green"
A large Green Sea Turtle makes its way over a shallow reef on the North Side of Grand Cayman.
Fantasea Red Filter
I prepared my camera with a fisheye lens, but with my extension ring on the port to create a false vignette. I was hoping for some larger marine life to utilize this effect. Perfect for when a goliath grouper--unusual for Cayman--showed up!
'Cleaning House' - The tiny eyes of pederson cleaner shrimp in the waters off of Grand Cayman
Stingray in flight
Ready to spread my wings
Southern stingray at the sandbar
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Incredible over/under shot taken at exactly the right time!
A colorful goby models for the camera atop star coral. I used a very shallow depth of field to focus only on the goby's eyes, and to make the rest of its translucent body blur into the backgruound.
'Catching Some Rays' - Southern stingrays enjoying the warm, clear waters of Grand Cayman
'Out On A Limb' - A flamingo tongue cowrie off the coast of Grand Cayman
Face to Face
When you are the biggest creature cruising around at any given moment you have the right of way. This large Loggerhead Turtle just kept his chosen path and it was up to me to snap this shot and roll out of the way.
'Surfing the Sandbar' - A southern stingray in the waters of Grand Cayman
A diver explores a swim through as light filters down from an opening in the ceiling.
Snapper Hole, Grand Cayman
'Underwater Forest' - Sunlight shines through the tall corals off the coast of Grand Cayman
'Welcome to the Ocean! I'll Be Your Guide.' A sharknose goby rests on coral in the waters off of Grand Cayman
'Swirling the Bow' - A school of horse eye jacks swirls around toward the bow of the Kittiwake off the coast of Grand Cayman
'Going Green' - A green sea turtle drifts through the shallow waters of Grand Cayman
'Diving The Kittiwake' - Divers begin to descend upon the wreck of the Kittiwake off the coast of Grand Cayman
"Pink Peppermint"
I set off to photograph a peppermint shrimp, and looked inside dozens of vase sponges until I finally found this one. I used a large aperture to keep just the eyes in focus and blur the background into a soft pink.
'Southern Hospitality' - A southern stingray stops by for a quick hello in Grand Cayman
Squidward - we were doing an early morning dive off Turtle Reef and encountered a squad of squid on our return. They were so interested in us and our cameras it was like they were asking us for a photoshoot! Oly EMDEM1 12-50m lens
'We Are Family' - 7 southern stingrays glide over the sea floor off the coast of Grand Cayman
'Rush Hour On The Kittiwake' - Fish schooling over the wreck of the Kittiwake off the coast of Grand Cayman
"Sunburst Stingrays!"
Over-Under at Stingray Sandbar
No Photoshop
'Head In The Clouds' - A squid swims by in shallow water as rain clouds form overhead in Grand Cayman
'Life In The Slow Lane' - A flamingo tongue cowrie in the waters off of Grand Cayman
Diver and elephant ear sponge. I like this version with the legs apart. For me, the split legs add a sort of whimsy to the photo, like the diver is in flight. Plus, rules are made to be broken. wink
"Spring Cleaning!"
A banded jawfish expels sand from its mouth as it clears out a new burrow. It will take the jawfish up to eight hours to create the home.
3147 Entries Found: Page 18  of  117

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