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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3147 Entries Found: Page 19  of  117
We would see these beautiful banded tube dwelling anemones at the start and end of all our night dives at Sunset House in Grand Cayman.
"Old Wise Man"
A Loggerhead Turtle making some friendly fly-bys.
"The Meadow"
The bluff wall in Pedro's Bay is literally covered with life. Lots of ambient light and waves breaking overhead make for a very exciting dive.
"Swoop!" - A hawksbill turtle nearly high fives the camera as it swoops past on the north wall of Grand Cayman.
"Hide & Seek" - No Photoshop, I had the strobe positioned to create shadow, thus showing only the face of the filefish. I was lucky to find this one pecking away at a purple gorgonian, providing a nice contrasting color.
"Going Up"
A free diver heads for the surface.
"Build Up"
It is amazing to see the power these animals have. With one flap of its wings this Eagle Ray could be out of sight.
Shot was taken at sunset house sea-pool with a D300 nikon VR105mm in a Ikelite housing with two ds160 strobes Shutter-200 ISO-800 F-Stop -13 he was about a foot away from the waters edge i have never seen one there but the sea-pool is a great spot
I found this beautiful giant anemone on a shallow reef. It's a particularly gorgeous specimen for Grand Cayman. I waited for a diver to be in the right position, then clicked the shutter.
"Reef Art" - No Photoshop. Photographed using a slow shutter speed while sweeping across the reef. I used the surge to push me along.
This remora shot was taken with a d300 w/t 105mm vr macro lens
"Eye Ballin"
A Hawksbill Turtle makes a close approach to the camera.
"Water Traffic Control"
Southern Stingrays buzzing the sandy bottom of Stingray City Dive Site.
"Closer Look"
Throughout the entire dive the two Caribbean Reef sharks known to us as the 'Brothers' made passes back and forth past me, getting closer and closer with each cruise past.
"Chest Bump"
Small Hawksbill heading to the surface in Grand Cayman.
"Submariner" - Yellow spnges frame an imposing barracuda. I was going for a strong graphic image, so dialed up the shutter speed for contrast and to increase the silhouette of the barracuda and ledge it was under.
"Sunlit Dive"
A diver is in motion as he giant strides off the back of a boat into sunlit water. The safety regulator and hang line can be seen in the water below.
"Colorful Reef Scene"
Babylon, East End, Grand Cayman
Canon 40D in Sea&Sea housing
Tokina 10-17mm lens
ISO 250, f/11, 1/125th
"Flower Power"
Just under the ladder for this shore dive I saw the glow of these awesome soft corals.
Fantasea Fluorescence gear made this shot possible.
"Star Marks the Spot"
While exploring the mangroves around Booby Cay on paddle board, we found an abundance of starfish near the roots making for some awesome images.
REd Caribbean Pistol Shrimp emerges from its anemone home #shrimp #snappingshrimp #pistolshrimp #crustacean
Sweet old loggerhead turtle taking a leisurely swim past us on a wall in Grand Cayman.
Oro Verde shipwreck
Grand Cayman
Canon 40D in Sea & Sea housing
Ambient light
ISO 320, f/11 1/100th
Trumpetfish "hiding" on a colorful reef
"You Can't See Me..."
Not a photo in the water, but rather, of the water. The crystal clear Cayman water I call home. Where I dive and explore and photograph magical things. It laps at the shore, calling me in. The water here is mesmerizing.
The Final Frontier
Wreck of the Doc Poulson, growth forward of the wheel house.
"Under the Waves"
This tower of elk horn coral rests on the edge of the mini wall just below waves overhead.
3147 Entries Found: Page 19  of  117

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