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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Honduras

1187 Entries Found: Page 31  of  44
Cleaning station, D300, 14mm, D125 strobes
D300, 105VR, D125 strobes
D300, 14mm, twin D125 strobes, converted to gray scale using Lightroom from Adobe
Large Eye Toadfish, (batrachoides gilberti ) D300, 105mm, Spooky Channel, Roatan
Fairly Basslett, D300. 105mm lens
Gaudy Clown Crab, D300, 105mm, D-125 strobes
His claws were huge! He didn't stick around long though and took off right after the picture.
Jelly at 3 meters, D300, D-125 strobes
Lettuce Slug, D300
A Gray Angelfish came swimming straight at me. I had enough time to raise my camera and snap one picture. Timing is everything. smile
The Queen, D300
Moray swimming around looking for munchies
This photo was taken in Roatan. I happened to swim into these schooling Spadefish. When swimming in schools they make for a great photo.
Sharp tail eel, D300, Sigma 14mm, twin D125 strobes
A face only a mother can love.
This photo is of a French Angelfish which followed me around and seemed as though there was enjoyment of being photographed. The photo was taken in Roatan.
Dark Angel
2 drum fish and a crab
Flower Coral seen at Roatan Honduras July 2004. Photo taken with a Caplio RR30.
French angel fish
Turkey of the Sea at Roatan Honduras. Photo taken July 2004 with a Caplio RR30.
Cleaning station, D300
Angel fishes and my friend Fernando.
The beautiful Queen Trigger, D70
D300, 60mm Macro
Hawksbill at Turtle Crossing, Roatan, D300
Safety stops sometimes provide shots like this taken in Roatan with my DC500 and wide angle lens - thanks to the sun!
1187 Entries Found: Page 31  of  44

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