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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Pacific

9482 Entries Found: Page 341  of  352
This Yellow Sea Horse never let me out of his sight
Feeding time.
A Stripe Marlin free swiming feeding on Japaneese Sardines
Green Sea turtle @ Makaha Caverns on western side of Oahu, Hawaii. Kind enough to let me get a few shots
Multiband butterfly fish, Honaunau, Hawaii
A subantarctic lamellarian gastropod feeding on an ascidian in the Strait of Magellan
If I had a hammer...
Two Blennies checking me out.
It took me a while to take this one.
There was too much current and surge.
I was very happy with the result.
My first real clear Blenny photo in focus.
Flounder peeking from under the sandy rocks, taken with a D100
fat belly
This Lion fish/ Turkey fish was only about an inch and 1/2, by Coconut Island in Kaneohe bay.
Longnose Hawkfish-Palau New Wall Drop
Yellow Sea Horse, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu. (Coconut Island, a.k.a Gilligan's Island)
slug with D100 and light and motion housing
Large yellow coral polys on wreck at night.
Christmas tree worm, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
When you're a Jet you're a jet all the way!
An aggressive clown staring at it's reflection off my buddy's camera.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A cutesy nemo setup Larissa
Tasman Flying Boat at 40m. Natural light, 4 second exposure with tripod. Grayscaled digital image.
Emperor Angel Fish.
Midnight at Redondo Beach. Puget Sound, eattle Wa.
Abstract macro, Giant Clam. Taken with the D2x and 60mm macro lens.
Watefall - Taveuni, Fiji

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Morgan has wisely cropped this thin, tall subject nicely
Fish Portrait Kona , HI
manting manta train @ secret spot.
RAUL your fish is a juvenile rock mover wrasse, aka "dragon wrasse"
Nik.D2x-Galapagos-wolf island-redlip batfish
Garibaldi off of Catalina, Canon Elph Sport
sometimes shallow means more fun.Surfer-Tim Archer at mouse traps yallingup
9482 Entries Found: Page 341  of  352

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