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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Philippines

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Cuttle fish, Southern Leyte, Philippines. He just loved posing for the camera.
Dumb looking orange frogfish hanging from the underside of an overhang.. buoyancy tester.. Gato Island.. Philies
This Manitis was more curious than threatening.
Pygmy Seahorse, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Taken at 30 metres with flash on macro setting.
This eye is all that I could see of a Blue Spotted Ray under the sand.
I took a few photos of this guy and he looks like he has had enough pictures taken for one day...
Harlequin crab on a coral head... gotta love his eyes...
This is from the Philippines.
Puerto Galera, Philippines.
This little fella was at a site around Puerto Galera.
Anyone for another crab ? Porcelain crab on green anenome.. E900 plus macro and strobes.
Anilao, Philippines.
taken in apo reef
Who are you calling big nose... Bluestripped fangblenny with a smile on his face...
What's up?

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Editor's Comment
Stand to attention soldier
One of my favorites from Malapascua trip last week... two female Mandarin fish coming out to play on a dusk dive. Luck really does play a big part in this game doesn't it smile
This guy wanted to know what he looked like in my camera port... I liked his one tooth.
I took this while diving at Atlantis in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
schooling jacks taken in anilao batangas
This one's for Dr Bob... another whip goby with parasite attachments seen in the Philippines...
Batman nudi...

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Editor's Comment
Heads up pajama nudi
Nudibranch taken at Punta Del Sol Beach Resort, Samal Island, Philippines camera A95 Canon powershot

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Editor's Comment
It's nudibranch month!
Mantis shrimps never get dull do they. This one was a golden colour with golden eyes. Very nice... PS anyone know what happened to picture of the month ?
Pygmy seahorse taken at Diaz Island, Samal Island, Philippines
Porcelain Crab from the Philippines... had to fight off the anenome fish to get this shot...
taken in apo reef
11784 Entries Found: Page 431  of  437

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