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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Bahamas

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“A close-up of the Queen”. Taken in the Berry Islands
“Hiding in plain sight”. While snorkeling in the Bahamas, I came across this Caribbean Reef Octopus out in the daytime. He did his best to blend in and I got some great shots with my Olympus TG-4.
Lion Fish near the wreck of the Austin Smith
A Nurse Shark on the prowl.
Reef Shark find the waters off the Bahamas perfect for their home due to healthy reefs and clean water. West End Bahamas
Eye to Eye ....Great Hammerhead Eye is on a pass. Beautiful creatures!
Bimini Bahamas
Caribbean Reef Shark photographed on the wreck of the Austin Smith in the Bahamas.
Shark in Snell's window
Reef shark shot at Tiger Beach.
Hammeread Throat
A real close up view of a hammerhead shark's throat with parasites in it.
Heads up in Bimini for Hammerheads!!!!! Every winter these awesome creatures show up for divers. Bimini Bahamas
Great Hammerhead Shark season in Bimini did not disappoint!
Bimini Bahamas
Bimini is the place find the Great Hammerheads during the winter months.
This very large female tiger shark is a resident of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. She is QUITE the diva!
This is a well-known female great Atlantic hammerhead shark in Tiger Beach and is nicknamed "Patches" (aka Scylla.) I happened to catch her swimming directly overhead in a glorious sun ball.
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2018

Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Hammer time in Bimini Bahamas
Spotted dolphins cruise the surface. What an incredible interaction!
Clear water and healthy reefs make the waters of the Bahamas a perfect home for lots of sharks.
The Chase - Lemon Sharks in the gulf Stream .... easy diving!
Hammerheads have found their way back to Bimini Bahamas
Tiger Beach Bahamas always provides awesome friendships!!!!!! and Eye to Eye Contact!
Hammertime!!!! Bimini Undersea really came thru with an exciting and easy day with Hammerhead Sharks in Bimini Bahamas
Sunset, clear water, Tigers is a perfect way to close the day out. This Tiger Shark was photographed on a patch reef at Tiger Beach Bahamas.
Here's looking at you!
A close-up look at the eye and teeth of a Great Hammerhead.
"Beneath Flooding Light, Nature's Ballet" - A pair of great hammerheads cross paths under sunbeams.
mugging for the camera/Canon 5D Mark II, fisheye lens, Ikelite housing
Be a shark!
2509 Entries Found: Page 5  of  93

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