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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Fiji

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Ancient Chiefs Lodge Pearl Harbor Fiji
Lion Fish posing on a ledge. Nikonos V 28mm with Ikelight 125 strobe
Tawny Nurse Shark Bega Lagoon Fiji
Diving with Aquatrek in Beqa Passage Fiji, Madonna the silvertip shark flys in for a closer look.
Laura the young tiger shark munches on a giant trevally. Taken down at 27m in the Beqa Passage Fiji.
Cardinal Fish swimming over a small amemone. Nikonos 5
1:2 macro extension tube, Ikelight 50 strobe
Laura (the 3.5m female tiger) swings in for a morning feed in the sunny tropics of fiji
Wide angle of beautiful bomme with all that makes Fiji one of my favorite dive sites. Nikonos V 28mm lense Ikelight strobe
Popcorn Shrimp, These little guys lived in a 5 inch anemone right under where the dive boat docked in 4 feet of water.
Nikonos V with 1:2 macro extension tube, Ikelight 50 strobe
Cleaner shrimp in cave on bommie in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji.
Taken with Nikonos V with 1:2 extensiom tune and Ikelight 50
Feb-March in Fiji brings the hungry female bull sharks back in droves. After giving birth up the rivers the girsl head back to the deep waters of the Beqa channel with ferocious appetites.
Air Bull - These huge pectoral fins belong to a 3m female bull shark with her two tagalong remoras, ebony & Ivory.
10m feeding stop. This whitetip reefy was anxiously awaiting his free feed. Taken at Shark Reef, Fiji
Catch me if you can. This Bull shark is three times lucky with three fishing lines hanging out of his mouth.
Silvertip Airlines coming in to land... Taken today during a very entertaining dive in the Beqa Passage. No cropping, No editing....very happy with this shot.
Tons of fish in Fiji!
Legend of Beqa. This massive 3.5m pregnant female Bull shark is being hand fed by a native of Beqa island, Fiji. The gods are said to protect the islanders from being harmed by the sharks who they inturn protect. This is a truely amazing experience
Two bannerfish float peacefully in the South Pacific blue waters off Fiji; Nikon D2X, 105mm micro-Nikkor, two Inon Z-240 strobes, Aquatica housing
Giant manta; Nikon D2X with 105mm micro-Nikkor, two Inon Z-240 strobes, Aquatica Housing
This shot is of a sea turtle. The shot was taken on a night dive using a Canon PowerShot DS550 in an Ikelite housing.
This shot is of a sea urchin taken on a night dive. The shot was taken with a Canon PowerShot SD550 in an Ikelite housing.
Clown fish in anemone, Fiji, taken with double strobes
Top of the reef at Beqa Lagoon.
Beautiful and very healthy coral reef in the South Pacific with yellow damselfish and blue chromis; shot with Nikon D2X, Aquatica Housing, 10.5mm Auto-Nikkor fisheye and two Inon Z-240 strobes
Low tide on a South Pacific island; shot with Nikon D2X, 70-300mm Nikkor zoom at 70mm, 1/500 at f/11
Fiery red fern coral pops like a giant hand from the seabed; shot with Nikon 2DX, 10.5mm fisheye at f/11, 1/250, with one Inon Z-240 strobe
Sunset looking toward Ovalau Island in Fiji; shot with Nikon D2X, 10.5mm lens
597 Entries Found: Page 12  of  23

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